Planning the Interrail

stokes @ 27-08-2008 22:38


Myself any my girlfriend are interested in doing the Interrailing. Were thinking of going next Summer - I'll be 20 and she'll be 18. We have been advised by friends to plan the Interrail very carefully but how much planning do you actually need to do? We don't want to be tied down to a strict schedule however we do want to have a stress free trip with a place to stay most nights.

Would you recommend compiling a list of the best Hostels in each City? Also, in your experience; how easy is it getting a room with very little notice?

Look forward to hearing your responses.


Pete @ 27-08-2008 22:58

hej hej ...
just a short answer (have to go to bed now) .... 🙂
don't plan to much. you will always find nice places where you want to stay longer - or some places which you want to leave immediately ... !! for me personally, InterRail is something like freedom ... just to decide in the morning where to go ... where I will find more sun, to a place other travellers told me in a hostel ... and so on ... 🙂
but it is also good to have a minimum of destinations you want to visit... so lets say: the destinations are Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Roma, Paris ... and between: freedom ... 🙂
have a nice night and a lot of fun next summer ! 🙂

FloChaoZ @ 28-08-2008 05:42

I think, it also depends how popular your country really is. I just came back yesterday from a 3-week interrail-trip through England/Scotland/Ireland and it was really hard for us to find accomodations, because it seems like half of the world wanted to visit the visit we tried to go to. So for us it was kind of neccessary to book our rooms 1 or 2 days in advanced. But as Peter said, don't plan to much! We just tried to be as bound as useful and to be as free as possible.

Pete @ 28-08-2008 06:47

I like these words: We just tried to be as bound as useful and to be as free as possible. ... a perfect definition of the best way to travel !! 🙂

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