Dear photographers ;)

dxbedpt @ 31-08-2008 17:18

Hi there!

I'm taking my 400d with an all-around lens (Tamron 17-50 little bit heavy) to my interrail.

I'm asking for two advices:

- Since i'm not taking my laptop, how can I burn my photos into CD-r?
- The camera kit is a little bit heavy. Should I take a more light lens?

I'm going to Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and maybe UK.

Any good advices from photographers? 😉


max-1 @ 02-11-2008 15:36


i did an interraill trip to France,England,Scotland and I used a phototank. That's a HDD with a built-in cardreader and a battery.
That's easier to handle as a laptop. I wouldn't use a CD burner. The images or the files are too bi for a CD. That doesn't make sence.
On the other hand you could buy some CF or SD-cards. These aren't soo expensive, these days and flash cards are saver/better than a thin CD.

So my summary is: flash cards or a storage drive(phototank)

max-1 @ 02-11-2008 15:40

Mmh i cannot edit my answer.
Your other question was

The camera kit is a little bit heavy. Should I take a more light lens?

That depends on you. I carried a D2X and 3 lenses with one backpack 😲

Pete @ 02-11-2008 17:23

just a comment of me... I bought a called netbook (this is the name they call it in Germany)... a laptop without a disk drive and so on, but with wireless network and only a 10 display, 6h of battery for less than 400 EUR. it has a reader for the memory cards of photo cameras... so this is my future like I will do it on my next travels... 🙂

and I travel with a Canon EOS500 with 50-200mm objective.
peter 🙂

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