LE PETIT TRAIN JAUNE (Latour de Carol)

Pete @ 08-02-2010 17:07

Le Petit Train Jaune / Little Yellow train (Latour de Carol)

One thing you really have to do is to cross the Pyrenees from Barcelona to France. You can use then the Petit Train Jaune or in English language The Little Yellow Train.
It is fun and a lot of adventure! 🙂

Have a look at these topics:

NEW: Barcelona - Paris/Milan crossing the Pyrenees: https://blog.rail.cc/little-yellow-train-video/
NEW: Milan/Paris - Barcelona crossing the Pyrenees: https://rail.cc/en/paris-pyrenees-barcelona-le-petit-tain-jaune/f4023


First you travel from Barcelona directly to Cerbere (border) then to Perpignan and Ville Franche by regional train.

There you change to the Petit Train Jaune to La Tour de Carol.
You can use as well a direct regional train from Barcelona up to the Pyrenees in direction of Latour de Carol.
All this is without any supplement!

Better of course it is to go down by Le Petit Train Jaune from La Tour de Carol to Ville Franche. but also the way climbing it up is very very interesting and nice !! 🙂

From La Tour de Carol you have a night train... it is cheap...
Have a look at this topic:

The nigh train leaves La Tour de Carol at 20:21h and you arrive in Paris at 07:27h ... 🙂

If you have any questions regarding the schedules, just ask. 🙂

Have fun ... 🙂

docinspe @ 01-08-2010 10:15

Help Please!

We are travelling from Marseille to Barcelona and we want to try Le petit train jaune! But i can't find any connections from Le Tour de Carol to Barcelona at all!

We are schedueled to leave Marseille tomorrow - so we're in a right spot!


Pete @ 01-08-2010 15:27


Check this topic for details:

Latour de Carol Dep: 0815
Barcelona Sant Andreu Arenal Arr: 1113

Latour de Carol Dep: 1031
Barcelona Sant Andreu Arenal Arr: 1330

Latour de Carol Dep: 1315
Barcelona Sant Andreu Arenal Arr: 1622

Latour de Carol Dep: 1628
Barcelona Sant Andreu Arenal Arr: 1935

Latour de Carol Dep: 1842
Barcelona Sant Andreu Arenal Arr: 2143

Peter 🙂

Lordmwa @ 09-05-2011 13:07

Is it running again now?

Also we are looking at doing Perpignan to Toulouse in a day with this in the middle

Is it possible to avoid having to pay for buses from La Tour de carol? According to DB rail planner there are only departures from La Tour de Carol on that day and they are just the trains to villefranche

Finally is the 0945 departure from Villefranche on 20th June a Petit Train Juane? It has RE23005 as its identitiy on the DB travel planner
Found that one

Flo @ 16-05-2011 07:07


I checked TER Languedoc-Roussillon several times but there is not much consistent info to be found.

- No timetable for 2011, only until 12/2010
- Bus instead of train on two train pairs Perpignan - Villefranche - Latour de Carol on several dates during May
- Mentioning of further work at beginning of June but no details can be found as of now.

There are more infos on the Trains Touristiques site of SNCF.

- Centenary of Petit Train Jaune with several events during the year; I think it's very unlikely that they will close the line in such a year. 🙂
- Regular schedule until July 👉 http://www.trains-touristiques.sncf.com/contenu/jaune/img/08-Perpignan-Villefranche-Latour-de-Carol_12_2010_tcm-22-55703.pdf

Cant tell from the timetable which trains are run by the old trains though...if I find a reliable source on that I'll let you know.

Flo 😎

Lordmwa @ 16-05-2011 08:03


Any idea on La Tour De Carol to Toulouse without the bus?

Flo @ 16-05-2011 18:12

Well, roughly there is a two hour service by TER trains - some services might not run daily or are operated by buses on some dates (which are included in the pass).

I can try to look if you provide when (time and date) you want to go but maybe have a look yourself at the TER website of SNCF. 🙂

Lordmwa @ 16-05-2011 18:58

We are travelling on the 20th June and are looking to leave Latour de carol mid to late afternoon to get to toulouse in time for a meal and then the sleeper to geneve (1/2 12)

Flo @ 16-05-2011 19:30


well the possible options would be:

Latour 1721 - 2016 Toulouse
Latour 1921 - 2215 Toulouse

We should check the timings again before you go. 😉

Flo 😎

piotralek @ 06-06-2011 15:35

I'm travelling in mid July from Barcelona to Paris and I wonder if this connection will be available until then.
Does anyone know when construcion work is supposed to end?

Flo @ 06-06-2011 15:55


The current schedule is valid till beginning of July only 👉 http://telechargement.ter-sncf.com/Images/Languedoc_Roussillon/Tridion/08-Perpignan-Villefranche-Latour-de-Carol_12_2010_tcm-22-55703.pdf

But I am sure the train will run during the summer - timings should be online soon. 🙂

Flo 😎

mkchris @ 04-07-2011 22:05


Thinking of including this one too.

Is there a need to book (probably doesn't take bookings anyway!). And assuming it doesn't take bookings, is there ever any problem getting on?

Pete @ 04-07-2011 22:27

You can not book this train as it is a normal regional train. Maybe bigger traveller groups can?!?
I never had problems to get a seat. But I was always some time before departure at the train to get a seat in the topless wagon. 🙂
Peter 🙂

Flo @ 04-07-2011 22:30

Yup, it should not be a problem to get a seat (like Peter said try to get a seat in the panoramic open-air coaches) if you enter the train at Latour de Carol or Villefranche (start and end point of the line) and are at the station a while before departure. You can always ask the personel at the station which train will be the next departing and then claim your seat. 🙂

openscript @ 18-07-2011 14:59

Still no new timetables.. so i filled out the contact form. I hope they send me an answer 🙂

Flo @ 18-07-2011 15:33

👉 http://telechargement.ter-sncf.com/Images/Languedoc_Roussillon/Tridion/06_PerpignanLatour_tcm-22-63285.pdf 🙂

openscript @ 18-07-2011 17:45

Many many thanks! where have you found this table? i've googeled for a long time .. 😲

Flo @ 19-07-2011 15:37

No problem. Well, all TER timetables are available online at the TER website. 🙂

orestgreece @ 19-02-2012 18:34

Nowadays whats the easiest way to reach latour de carol from Toulouse and then take the little yellow train to barcelona???

Flo @ 19-02-2012 20:16

I just checked and it is currently not possible to go Toulouse - Petit Train Jaune - Barcelona within one day. 😧

However, during the summer (from July 😎 there should be an additional train from Latour de Carol around midday allowing for getting to Barcelona within one day starting early in Toulouse.

Flo 😎

orestgreece @ 19-02-2012 20:33

hmm there are buses connecting Toulouse with Latour de carol then ??

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