Passport number only or ID number is also acceptable?

konstantine @ 27-06-2008 09:47

Hi ,Good morning/evening!

I'm about to order my interrail global pass finally but till yet I've not my passport renewed(in fact new passports are published and the old one although on date , are expired 😁 ) Anyway, is it ok if in interrail's form in order to buy my pass, I give my ID number instead of my Passport number? I mean I'm a European citizen anyway and by the time I'll depart I'll also have my new passport.So in the railways I guess if they want my passport's number so badly I'll give them both ID & passport to doublecross it.

Or ONLY my passport's number in interrail pass is acceptable?

NillerDK @ 27-06-2008 14:28

I asked the same question yesterday, and the conclusion was, that most places wont accept ID's like drivers license.. But dont know if they will accept an european ID card..

konstantine @ 27-06-2008 17:13

Yes, I've seen yr topic , but Peter replies in the end that we can order a pass with the passport's or ID's number on it. Isn't it so?
Just have a look at his reply in yr topic.
Anyway I also know that if we are Europeans there is no need to have a passport for trips around Europe.At least I've traveled by plane to Paris only with my ID. I don't know for sure if we can do this also with the interrail pass but I guess so.
Also it makes sense to me, our personal ID to be accepted, but only that. IDs like drivers license or University ID are unlikely to help us in that case.

I'm waiting for yr replies mates
Best Regards

NillerDK @ 27-06-2008 17:20

Because there are no borders, you dont need a passport to travel into a country. But if you are asked by the local authorities, you have to be able to show a passport. Stupid rules, i know. As i understand it, with interrail, you need to have your passport to show with the interrail pass. No matter what ID nummer is on the ticket. So yeah, you should be able to use a european Identity Card, as long as you still have your passport with you.

konstantine @ 27-06-2008 17:32

Oh yes in that case I totally agree with you.
For sure you have to bring yr passport with you no matter what.
I was refering only to the number on yr interrail pass.I for example have not yet renewed my passport (allthough it's still on date ,the authorities in Greece have made new passports ).So it will take a few days to have my new one ,but I have to order my interrail pass assap and the only thing I can use now is my ID! But by the time I'll depart ,I'll have my passport too 😎

Anyway ,good luck with yr trip!

konstantine @ 27-06-2008 17:45

and now ... between these walls 🤣 ,off topic, ...have you ever wondered if the interrail pass stands for 1 or more persons? I've never read something about that 😐 😲 🙂
Simple question ha? well..

MariaRK @ 27-06-2008 17:54

I bought my interrail ticket at a local trainstation, and they wouldn't let me buy one unless I had my passport with me.. 🙂

konstantine @ 27-06-2008 18:11

Have a look at Niller's post Maria. He had an even worse problem. ❗ I guess that the best way is to buy a pass online.At the train stations they are barely informed, they simply don't know the rules , or even don't have any idea about interrail.But not leting you buy yr pass with ID is a little bit narrowminded because the number on the pass plays only ,as I at least understand, the role of 'just checking'.So with an ID number on yr pass and yr ID with you on yr trip (the best is to have also your passport even when y havent used its number on the pass) nobody can 'touch' you-and off course I'm talking only about citizens of the EU

Pete @ 27-06-2008 19:11

hej hej ... 🙂

maybe I mixed it ... and had problems with finding the right words...

to use an InterRail pass you can either do it with
- a passport (with which you can also visit Africa or China and every country in the world)
- or an European ID card (with which you can travel within the European Union)

but NOT with a driving license or university ID card.

I don't know if there are differences between passports and European ID cards ... if both are available in the different countries you all live.

in Germany we have the passport (Reisepass) and the European ID card (Personalausweis). the first one is the one I can travel the world and get visas printed in it, the second one is a plastic card (triple size of a credit card) with which I can travel the countries of the European Union and the Schengen countries.


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