PARIS - MADRID - night train - Elipsos

Pete @ 14-04-2008 19:31

PARIS - MADRID | night train - Elipsos Francisco de Goya - EN 409
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Information for Interrail and Eurail pass travelers. Route by night train from Paris to Madrid.

The direct overnight train from Paris to Madrid was sadly withdrawn. Now you have to use day trains or travel by overnight train from France to the Spanish border and from there continue to Madrid.

👉 How to buy online tickets for this route:
Nearly all options are easy to book online at
Fill in Paris and Madrid and select the connection you want. Easy and secure.

More information:
Paris - Madrid:
Madrid - Paris:

Old information:
TIMETABLE night train Paris - Madrid:
Paris Austerlitz Dep: 1947
Madrid-Chamartin Arr: 0910

normal sleeping seats
Rail pass fare: EUR 46
Standard fare: EUR 153

tourist class (4 beds per cabin)
Rail pass fare: EUR 70
Standard fare: EUR 179

club class (double bed)
Rail pass fare: EUR 108
Standard fare: EUR 295

club class (single bed)
Rail pass fare: EUR 164
Standard fare: EUR 443

club class (1st class - double bed)
Rail pass fare: EUR 155
Standard fare: EUR 350

club class (1st class - single bed)
Rail pass fare: EUR 204
Standard fare: EUR 499

Update: Nov 2016

adrian @ 03-06-2010 16:14

I think the second cheaper connection isn't available anymore, i checked it on several timetables. I mean the part with the alaris seems to be canceled. Am I right?

adrian @ 03-06-2010 16:20

I checked now on and it seems to be still there in July. It's a little bit weird.

Flo @ 03-06-2010 16:41

Maybe thats due to the timetable change next sunday. I dont think this train will be cancelled. 🙂

Philapip @ 06-07-2010 16:35

Hi I wonder if you guys can help me?

Im looking at getting a one country interrail pass for Spain this summer. Just working out how to get back from Spain to UK and plannign on getting the reverse of my way out there: Madrd-Hendaye train followed by Hendaye-Paris overnight train (as oppossed to Paris-Irun-Madrid). But not sure if this will be covered by my one country pass as the change is offcially in Fracne rather than Spain? I assume that the outgoing journey is covered as it changes in Irun which is in Spain before going to MADrid but Im not sure about this return option??

Any help would be greatly apreciated!!

Cheers 🙂

Flo @ 06-07-2010 16:42


Well, I think the Irun - Hendaye part should be covered by your Spain pass. As there is no single border station but Hendaye and Irun. But anyway it shouldnt be a problem to just stay on the train and go to Hendaye to change to your next train as it isnt likely at all that a conductor will check tickets at that very last part of the route.

Flo 😎

Philapip @ 07-07-2010 15:58

Thanks for your response Flo -

so you think its quite unlikely that a conductor would check tickets before the overnight train? (it gets into hendaye at 22:03 then the next one leaves for paris at 22:1😎 I'm just concerned that if I get there and I have to pay a full price last minute ticket it'll be very expensive so wondering whether I should buy a ticket now (think I can get one for about £50 or s🧐 although obviously it'd be much better and chepaer if I didnt have to do this...

but if you think that it would be covered I'll just cross my fingers and hope!..I suppose if its covered one way it really should be covered the other way too!

Also one further question - I'm getting a 4 day pass - will my journey from Malaga - Madrd - Hendaye - Paris be coutned as just one day or does the overnight train (Hendaye-Paris) count as a second day (dep 22:18 arr 07:11)?

Cheers for the help!! 🙂

Pete @ 11-07-2010 14:43


A direct night train leaving after 1900h in the evening will count as ONE travel day. Just read here:

But your InterRail One Country Pass Spain won't cover the night train to Paris.
Have a look at the website which often offers special discounted fares.

Peter 🙂

Philapip @ 12-07-2010 16:24

Thanks Peter - really helpful

Just to check then does my one country pass cover my outward journey? Night train from Paris - Irun - Madrid? I assumed it would as it said somewhere that it would cover the trenhotel route Paris-Madrid, but maybe this is different if you are not going direct using this service?



Philapip @ 12-07-2010 16:27

PS I tried to use that website you gave me but it would only allow me to look up trains travelling on 12-17 July - not sure if I'm doing something wrong...?

Flo @ 12-07-2010 16:50


I think it is possible to travel with Elipsos trains even when travelling with an One Country Pass that is covering only one country of the route. But I am not entirely sure. But it certainly wont cover a connecting route Paris - Irun - Madrid. 😉
I dont know why the site only shows trains on certain days...maybe they are not running daily... 😐

Flo 😎

Kattemageren @ 17-05-2012 14:03

Hey all!
The cheap train connection Paris => Irún => Madrid is currently suspended
What does this mean and are there any cheap alternatives?
I have looked at the comments below but they are all quite old and my trip is this summer, 8-9 July to be specific, from Paris to Madrid.

Any help is greatly appreciated, as I find this section of our planning to be exceedingly painful to figure out xD

- Marcus T

Pete @ 17-05-2012 14:39

Hi Marcus.

These are the available options:
Currently it is recommended to travel via Barcelona, maybe include the Little Yellow Train n the Pyrenees.

Maybe the night train Paris - Irun comes back this summer, but they are announced on very short time by SNCF. We will update it as soon as it is available again.

Peter 🙂

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