PARIS - LONDON | FERRY: France (Calais) - UK (Dover)

Pete @ 22-06-2008 08:17

PARIS - LONDON | FERRY: France (Calais) - UK (Dover)

To avoid the expensive direct train from Paris to London (Eurostar - a supplement of 70 EUR one-way - ) you can use a ferry. It is slower, but also very nice and especially cheaper!

The best ferry connection is between CALAIS (France) and DOVER (UK).

UPDATE: Seafrance stopped the transport of foot passengers in November 2009.
So the InterRail discounted connection got lost.
Now there is only the not discounted connection by P&O Ferries available.
The fare was usually EUR 18 - one way:

IMPORTANT (July 2010): currently the online one-way-fare is EUR 39 by P&O - so really expensive.
You have to buy a RETURN-ticket for the same day. The fare is then between EUR 12-16.
Select as currency GBP, otherwise it will be much more expensive.
As it is not totally clear if your credit card will be charged when not doing a return travel, we recommend to buy the ticket directly at the ticket window at the harbour - ask for a discount - travellers told, you will get one for EUR 17.


👉 Information PARIS to CALAIS

Paris Gare du Nord to Calais Ville:
if travelling with regional trains to avoid supplements you will need about 3:30h. There are some direct TGVs with 1:40h of travel time.

Calais Ville to the ferry terminal:

WALK: it is a 25 minutes walk. Leave the station, cross the place and street in front of you. Walk the smaller street at the left of the hotel. Follow the signs car ferry.

BUS: EUR 2,00 - 10 minutes.
Departure times at ferry terminal: 1000, 1105, 1205, 1250, 1405, 1520, 1620, 1705, 1805, 1940.
Departure times at the station Calais Ville: 1010, 1115, 1215, 1300, 1420, 1530, 1630, 1715, 1815, 1950

TAXI: is about EUR 8,00 to EUR 10,00 and will need 5 minutes.

Calais Ferry Terminal:

You have to use a really small way to get into the ferry terminal. There is a lane for cars beside.

Check in time of for the ferry is: 45 minutes before departure.

👉 FERRY Calais to Dover
It is a journey of 1:30h. For departure times have a look at the P&O Ferries website:

👉 Information LONDON to DOVER

London Victoria / London Charing Cross to Dover Priory
There are trains running every 30 minutes. The train journey is 1:30h to 2:00h. You will arrive at Dover Priory.

Dover Priory to Dover Eastern Docks
WALK: it is a walk of about 30 minutes. Follow the signs (Ferry Terminal or City Centre).
BUS: the bus is running every 15 minutes (leaves directly in front of the station - ends directly in front of the doors of the terminal). it is between GBP 1,00 and GBP 2,00.
TAXI: about GBP 6,00

OVERNIGHT: if you arrive late in the evening at Calais, the cheapest place to sleep in Calais is the hotel directly in front of the station called Bonsai Hotel (phone: +33 321 96 10 10 | room for 2 persons: EUR 40, room for 3 persons: EUR 43).

💡 Due to the rising prices of the ferry, it is recommended to use an overnight bus from Paris to London:

Update: Nov 2013

Flo @ 15-05-2009 17:38

I'd like to add two things:

- The ferries (both P&O and SeaFrance) do not accept foot passengers on night connections; this applies to the period between ~1900 and ~0800.

- If you want to save a night on your trip from/to the UK and dont want to spend the money on a hotel, you usually are allowed to stay at the ferry terminal in calais and stay there.

pete8888 @ 27-08-2009 10:33

Will they allow foot passengers on the 07.43 crossing do you think? Also is there a direct train from calais to paris because all I have found is a journey that includes about 4 changes?


Pete @ 27-08-2009 13:03

Foot passengers are allowed on the 0743h ferry.
You have at least every hour one connection from Calais Ville by free Regional Express train to LILLE - there you change to the TGV ( ). Buy this supplement either in Calais or if possible already some days in advance.
Peter 🙂

Flo @ 26-10-2009 18:53

Today I've got bad news in my email:

Seafrance is not accepting foot passengers anymore.

They say it's because they dont have any shuttle buses available... 😵

Flo 😎

lizavfc @ 16-01-2010 20:43

Hi 🙂
What is the best train route to take from Calais to Paris this July? And how much will it cost?
thank you 🙂

Flo @ 16-01-2010 20:52


There is a single direct TGV Calais Ville - Paris Nord leaving at 1235 Mon-Sat as well as several TGV Boulogne - Paris Nord which stop at Calais Fréthun - there is a bus shuttle service from Calais Ville to Fréthun. Other options include taking a TER to Hazebrouck where you can change to a TGV to Paris or taking a TER to Lille where you have a Paris-bound TGV at least once an hour.
Note that you will have to get a reservation for the TGV which will cost 3 or 10€, depending on off-peak/peak travel.
However, there are supplement-free connections available as well, running via Boulogne and Amiens.

You can check the schedules online, check this link:

The TGV connections will be faster than the route via Boulogne and Amiens but you will need a reservation. I'd recommend taking the TGV if there are free seats and if they cost 3€ - if you don't get a reservation or if it costs 10€ then I'd recommend going via Boulogne - Amiens for free. 🙂

If you have further questions after consulting the online schedule planner, let me know.

Flo 😎

ademir @ 11-04-2011 11:41

Hey guys!
I think I have a problem now. The price for foot passenger from Calais to Dover seems to be 29 Pounds! And if you buy same day return it's 29+29=58!!!

It only seems cheap when you make a trip from Dover to Calais. Then return ticket is 6+6=12 Pounds..

I'm not really sure if I can buy it like Dover to Calais direction and use only the return leg from Calais. I have a feeling that they would cancel my ticket as it'll be obvious that i didnt use the first leg.

Do you have any ideas??
What happens when you buy it from the port? Should i ask for a daytrip ticket also there?


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