PARIS - FLORENCE - ROME - night train

Pete @ 22-06-2008 17:33

PARIS - FLORENCE (Firenze) - ROME (Roma) | night train - Artesia - EN 227
Information for Interrail, Eurail and travellers with normal train tickets.

UPDATE: This train is withdrawn. You have to take the night train Paris to Milan where you change to a train to Rome.

Important information
The train leaves Paris before 1900. But here we have a special agreement: even starting by night train at 1852, it counts as only ONE travel day if you travel on an InterRail Global Pass 5/10 or 10/22 - or on a Single Country Pass.

Day trains:

💡 HOW TO BOOK THE RESERVATION ONLINE (for InterRail and EuRail Pass travellers):

Update: Nov 2016

MM97lolol @ 21-11-2016 00:40

I am thinking of buying this ticket but I am unsure about some things:
o Why would this journey not count as 1 travel day WITHOUT the use of an Interrail Global pass?
o I have a 7 days out of 1 month Interrail Global pass. Would this count as 1 travel day for me?

Pete @ 21-11-2016 06:44

I just updated the topic as it is an older one. The direct train Paris to Rome isn't available anymore. Now you have to take the night train Paris to Venice and leave in Milan. From where you continue to Rome.
Also the departure time is now after 1900 h which means, the 1900-rule is theoretical possible. But the night train does not really support Interrail passes, you have to pay a special fee (see the link above) which is expensive.
If you know your exact travel date in advance, you can check for normal train tickets for saver prices. Via you will find day train combinations which are much cheaper. As well the Thello night train Paris-Milan is available from around EUR 35.
It's not the most Interrail-friendly route...
Instead the direct route, you could also travel cheaper with some stops in between - or a detour via Switzerland:
Peter 🙂

Flo @ 21-11-2016 10:55


Interrail passes give only a discount for travelling on Thello services (both day and night); this means you do not have to use a travel day at all for travelling with Thello trains - but have to buy a discounted regular ticket instead.
I don\'t know your exact route, but you could think of taking the Paris - Nice night train instead, then travel to Rome during the day. However, this would take about 22 hours overall so not ideal as well...

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Flo 😎

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