Paris CDG (airport) - Paris Gare du Nord

carvell @ 12-04-2008 16:26

I've just bought my Interrail ticket and in the little booklet you get with it it says that you get free transportation on the RER between CDG and gare du nord with the Interrail ticket and a 'contremarque' ticket.

Is this a journey you'd have to declare on the ticket? I only have a 10 day ticket and don't want to waste a day on that journey - I have no other travel plans for that day.

Many thanks.

Pete @ 12-04-2008 17:00

hej ...

if using the RER train, you will loose one travel day! 😢

better to buy just a normal ticket. if I remember right... it is about 8 EUR one-way and the train needs about 25 minutes, depending where you leave it. 🙂

for your information: the RER train is called Line B. it stops at terminal 1 and 3. you can travel with it from Paris-Charles-de-Gaule (CDG) to the city center of Paris.

hope this will help you!? have a lot of fun,

carvell @ 13-04-2008 22:40

Brilliant - thanks a lot for your help.

gljivar @ 27-04-2008 17:43

You also have buses on the airport that go straight to the city.

We were lucky when we came and when we were going back we didn't pay anything. Because the train wasn't working so they have organized buses free of charge. And when we were going back the train didn't stop on any station so even though we wanted to buy a ticket we just entered with the normal one zone ticket that costs 1.5 euros.
But it's not recommended, because they are strict about tickets.

Pete @ 29-04-2008 13:04

You are are really lucky person !! 🤣

But don't do it in France to travel without a ticket...!! Not so nice there to be catched ...!! 😐

Pete @ 25-05-2008 08:39

some news for the connection Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG):

Using the RER trains with InterRail is not free!
But you get a special discount. Only on route Paris CDG to Paris Gare du Nord (railway station).

You need a contremarque for entering (and also to exit) the RER system. You will get it at Paris CDG Terminal 1. Show your InterRail pass at a ticket window.

jh_hendry @ 05-04-2011 14:20

Cheers guys, exactly the info I was after. Can I just confirm though that this free ticket only takes you to Gare du Nord, you cannot continue to Chatelet?Les Halles or any further?

Flo @ 05-04-2011 14:24


never used this ticket but I assume you can only use it to Gare du Nord. In the RER stations there are ticket barriers both at entry and exit. So it might happen that the doors wont open at Chatelet, Les Halles etc...

Flo 😎

Przemek624 @ 24-07-2012 09:23


What is the current situation with getting to Paris from the airport TGV station. Im taking TGV from Brussels to the Charles de Gaulle airport and then transfer to RER to go to the City. What is the level of discount/price for the route to Paris center with IR??

Thanx 🤣

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