Our Interrail Route Plan

katie-may @ 01-07-2008 14:00


Myself and two friends are beginning our InterRail adventure on August 25th. We are using the 10 days travel within 22 days. We have mapped out a general plan but I just wondered if anyone could recommend some good places to visit en route and give us any tips & advice on trains between our stop points?
We're all 20years old, travelling between our 1st and 2nd years of uni. This is the first time we've done this and we're on a serious budget!

1. (Fly from London t🧐 Budapest, Hungary (4 days)

2. Vienna, Austria (3 days)

3. Prague, Czech Rep. (3 or 4 days)

4. Berlin, Germany (4 days)

5. Copenhagen, Denmark (3 days)

6. Stockholm, Sweden (4 days, staying with a friend of mine, then fly home)

And just some other quick questions -

What is the easiest way to get from Berlin to Copenhagen? Is there a straight train or do you change at Hamburg/Hannover?

We've heard about the high speed train X2000 from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Is this included in the InterRail ticket, and if so does anyone know what the supplements are?

Is it worth buying the 10 within 22 pass if we're currently only intending to use it for 5 journeys? Is there a cheaper way using separate tickets? Or should we try to fit in more places on the way?

And any useful money-saving tips would be great too!

Thankyou so much,


Pete @ 01-07-2008 15:21

Hi Kate ...

a good tour ... better to stay some days in the cities ... just nicer to know the city better. in Berlin go to Friedrichshain ... it is a part of the city with a lot of cheap restaurants, bars and a lot of young people !! just stayed there for some days. 🙂

and some information for you:
Berlin to Copenhagen: a trip of about 7 hours and you have to change in Hamburg. but maybe the Berlin-Malmö (Sweden) Express is interessting for you?!? for details https://rail.cc/en/night-train/berlin-malmoe-en-300/58

X2000 (X2 ...): it is included in your InterRail pass. the supplement is 7 EUR in 2nd class and 17 EUR in the first class (including a meal).

when traveling more than 2 or 3 countries, a global pass is often cheaper than single country passes.... you have to calculate it for yourself ...

if you want to make more stops, I recommend you KRAKOW (Poland), a city full of students and as well Hamburg.... 🙂

have fun on your tour,
Peter 🙂

katie-may @ 01-07-2008 15:56

Thanks Peter

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