Ordering Tickets / Night Trains / Reserving Couchettes

slicknswift @ 21-04-2008 15:13

Hi Everyone,

I've tried sifting through the forum for an answer but must admit that I'm relatively new to this all.

I'm currently up in Newcastle and hoping to do a week of traveling before heading back to North America. I've been here for over 6 months so know that I do qualify for the Interrail pass. I was hoping to spend just a day or so in a few main cities and to take night trains between cities, that way I can maximize my time in the city.

I'm unsure of a few things..
1. On the night train is there a shower anywhere or will I need to book into a hostel for that?

2. Is there any way I can make the necessary night train reservations ahead of time while I'm in Newcastle, that way my trip is more or less planned out for me before departure?

3. Does anyone have any recommendations for a best route to maximize what I see/trains to take. I was planning on starting in Brussels, going over to Berlin, down to Prague, across to Krakow and then I'm not really sure from there.

But any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

admin @ 21-04-2008 15:57

Hi there,

1. You'll find showers in major railway stations, but not usually on night trains unless you pay for the best accommodation. Often railway station facilities are rather expensive and less than salubrious. Alternately, just have a wash and wait until you reach your hostel.

2. In the UK you have to purchase them online. I recommend the railcc system. See details of the trains and:
I've reserved as well two to one days ahead, while in Europe, without, so far, being disappointed.

3. For routes and times, have a look here:

It really helps with planning.

Hope this is helpful. Have a most excellent trip.


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