One country pass questions

Zeme @ 21-07-2008 16:50

Hello, if I have a one country pass only for Germany, and I want to go Denmark, I will only pay the difference when I pass the frontier? Or I will pay the entire ticket?

Pete @ 21-07-2008 16:56

hej ...
you have to pay then the distance from the German-Danish border to your final destination in Denmark. all you travels in Germany are free !! 🙂
Peter 🙂

Zeme @ 21-07-2008 17:08

Thanks so much

Lenouli @ 26-01-2011 23:11

Hello!! 🙂

I am planning a trip to Italy this summer, I've heard so much about the interrailing but no details so far! :P
I want to go to Italy for about 10 days..and I was wondering which pass is better..the 3 days within a month or the 4 days..I know that the answer depends on how many trips I wanna do..but, when we say f.e. 4 days within a month I can only use the train for 4 times i.e 1 time per day?? 😐

Flo @ 26-01-2011 23:26


One travel day is from 0000 - 2359 on the chosen day. You can use as much trains as you want on that day - you can change trains as often as you like.
Just remember that most long distance trains in Italy require a compulsory reservation.

Flo 😎

Lenouli @ 03-02-2011 22:48

Really?I think I'm falling in love with interrailing day by day!!!That's super cool...but still I guess I'll need maybe the 4 days!!
What do you mean by compulsory reservation?? :/
and by long distances...f.e. Pisa-Rome? and Rome-Milano??

Flo @ 04-02-2011 10:51

Compulsory reservation:

For some trains you will need to make an extra seat reservation in addition to your ticket. In Italy this applies to AV and ES trains (10€ reservation) and for IC, E and ICN trains (3€ reservation, not compulsory but recommended).

For Roma - Milano the best option is to take a fast AV train and get a 10€ reservation. These are really fast connections, just 2h59 nonstop compared with almost 7h on a slower IC train!
For Pisa - Roma, have a look for an IC train, or go by a regional train which isnt much slower than an IC.

Flo 😎

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