ÖBB Sommerticket

Björnhart @ 23-07-2008 00:20


i'm from austria and we have this special Sommerticket here, which alows us (Austrians) to travel around the whole country for 49 € (it was 20€ or even 10€ two or so years ago 😢 ) for the summer.

Now what i wanted to know is: If i have this ticket and i would take the ALLEGRO (EN 235) - Vienna to Roma/Firenze seat place at 19:15, could i use this ticket until the border and than change to the interrail ticket (AFTER midnight, so i only use one day of my italian 3-day-country-pass) without physically getting off the train? (of course i would have payed the 5€ surrcharge and have made my reservation before that in Vienna)

I know that's rather a specific and fussy(?) question and if nobody knows/has tried it out yet, i will ask at the train station here in austria. The problem here is that the people at the train staion often don't like if you try to kind of outsmart the system and would probably say no to a question like that. Maybe sometimes it is better not to ask?!

thanks in advance!

Björnhart @ 23-07-2008 19:02

just to let you know:

I've been to the train station today and wanted to buy my reservation.
The woman there told me that: The Sommerticket is not valid for trains to Italy then I asked her if i could take the Sommerticket for the Allegro (EN 235) until/to Villach (near the boarder to Italy, last stop of the train in Austria) and she said yes.

Finally I got a reservation from Villach (not Vienna as I wanted) because it seemed she would not allow me a reservation from Vienna to Villach with only owning the Sommerticket.

So, does anybody know (who presumingly should be from austria) if you can buy/make a reservation in austrian/domestic trains with only owning the Sommerticket?
I don't know why i didn't ask, it would have been all clear then

kind regards,

Pete @ 23-07-2008 19:50

to specific ... at least for me ... 😉
but it is always the same ... the problem you mentioned... I know it too good ...! 😶

Björnhart @ 23-07-2008 21:32

nevertheless, thank you for your reply!

And if YOU don't know it probably nobody knows it 😉

I also think it's something of a grey-zone. And I'll also have to ask again tomorrow because the woman at the station gave me the wrong date for the reservation (unfortunatelly the date is 24.07. and not 25.07.! I hope I don't have to pay AGAIN because it will have lost its validation tomorrow, but it was really NOT my fault! I didn't check it properly thou)

I forgot to mention that I payed 7 EUR instead of 5 EUR for the reservation...?
Maybe because it costs something extra if you don't buy the reservation in the same country in which the train is?

So everybody who got until here excuse me for taking your time and forf me beeing so complicated ! 😧

Pete @ 24-07-2008 09:47

... it is always interesting to get information about such special tickets !! I love it !! have fun and sunny days !! Peter 🙂

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