Norway - Sweden: best destinations

Faidon @ 08-03-2007 11:47

-Hi there!
-Ello interailers and interailereses!

-im a nerd
-we are two friends who want to travel Norway-Sweden by train this summer!
(as you guessed we are 2 friends who tried to write this message together but the first is a nerd and cannot write it) (anyway)
we would like to ask all you kind interailers to provide us with precious information about the best destinations in these two countries. and by that i mean best 3-4 cities we must see and 4-5 places we must not miss!
and we wont be only 2 to clear any misunderstanding...we would be a whole bunch of 7 people! by the way do you think that a group of 7 can interrail? (i think its too much) (and maybe if a girl of that group likes me until the end of march maybe we will be 8 people! (if you know what i mean)(and i mean that maybe she will come too!)))
so please answer us so next time i login in i will see all of my questions answered! ;P

be good and happy!
-Nikolaos( the one who wrote all this junk)

Tom @ 18-03-2007 11:16

Hi Nikolaos, hi nerd 😉
i'll visit the north this summer, too, so I can't tell you about good places to visit. but I collected some interrail-experiance in france last year. we met a lot of other interrailers and once a group of four people.
the rule is:
never travel in a group of 3, 5, 7, 9 and so on. the danger is that one will seperate from group.
and if there are girls with you, you know, suddently they are ill and you have to book a room in a hostel, and it is expansive, and you will lose time, and if you are a big group, it is possible that ever member wants to travel to a different spot... you are more flexible, you are faster when you are just two.
take this advice or not, i know groups that split up and friends became enemies.


Sapientia @ 22-06-2008 20:57

Hi! I'm norwegian, but I'm not sure if I can recommend you any places to see, as I've never thought of my country in a tourist-way before, if that made any sense. Anyway, this page will give you lots of information on what's worth seeing and stuff to do along the road:

Pete @ 23-06-2008 18:38

Two of my favourites... because of the nature ...

Sweden - Inlandsbanan:
Norway - Lofoten:

have fun, Peter 🙂

hni @ 05-07-2008 11:17

In Norway, make sure you visit Bergen, our old capitol and second largest city. We have lots of attractions and a great nightlife, and tons of charm :-)

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