Norway - Narvik - Tromsoe - Nordkapp

crystaleyesd @ 29-03-2007 09:12

hey and my two friends are going interrailing this summer and we think it would be amazing if we could get up to the Arctic Circle in Norway. Tromso and maybe even further! but doesn't the train service stop halfway there?? so what is the cheapest way of getting to Tromso then?

also, what is the best way to get to Scandinavia itself? it would be better for us actually to get the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki but would that make it even more difficult to get to Tromso?

sorry for being confusing...

Pete @ 29-03-2007 09:54

hi ... 🙂

the easiest way is got there by bus starting from Narvik. To Narvik you have a train connection from Sweden.

The bus takes 4:30h, three bus departures daily - two each on Saturday and Sunday.

Some useful links for traveling by bus:

To go further to the North, continue using a bus:
to Alta (7h), then you have to stay there for a night and continue to Honningsvåg (7h) and then to the Nordkapp (North Cape): 45min.

My opinion: don't do it during your interrail tour (you loose a lot of time) - do it when traveling Scandinavia by car.

More information here in the forum:



crystaleyesd @ 29-03-2007 11:50

hey thanks for the advice! i don't think any of us thought we were ever going to get as far as north cape, and as that other post said, it is touristy! (also not the real northern most point in europe either!) basically we just want to find a fjord and enjoy 24 hour light...a bit of respite from just city hopping really. we have left about 5 days for norway in our schedule right at the end so hopefully will be enough. but not wasting our time on that 7 hour bus! i guess we'll just see what happens really 😲

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