New Zealander living in London: can I buy InterRail ticket?

RT @ 21-04-2008 22:17

I am a New Zealander with an NZ passport who has been living in London for 2 years. My visa for the UK expires at the end of may, at which time I depart for Europe.

I need to know whether I am able to purchase an InterRail ticket, considering that I have been living here for 2 years (all the rules I can find say you need to have been living in a EU country for more than 6 months), or must I purchase a Eurail Ticket seeing as I am not an EU Citizen?

In addition, if I am able to buy the InterRail ticket, do I need to bring more proof of my residency in the UK for the last 6 months, or would the visa in my passport be enough evidence for the ticket controllers?

Any advise would be most appreciated - thanks! 🙂

Pete @ 22-04-2008 19:35


The visa in your passport is enough ... and when traveling Europe you need a visa as well or are you traveling on the same visa which you had the last two years? 🙂
the staff in the trains just need a proof that you stayed the last six months in Europe... so for example your UK visa (2 years) ends on the 3rd of May and on the 4th of May your next visa starts... both printed in your passport... then it is okay!! 🙂
you have to buy then an UK InterRail pass when ordering it online via ... select as country of residence the UK and fill in your Australian passport number... that's it ! 🙂

have fun,

RT @ 22-04-2008 20:00

New Zealanders don't need a visa to travel around Europe as long as they do not stay longer than three months and do not work while they are there, therefore when my visa expires in May, I am not going to have any valid visa in my passport - only my expired UK visa.

Am assuming that this should be fine though, as the stamps in my passport can also prove that I was residing in the UK for the last two years..

...Unless you know any reason why this should not be ok?

Pete @ 23-04-2008 12:45

I have the same opinion like you: it is okay...! 🙂

RT @ 23-04-2008 13:33

Excelente! Europe here I come!

aidz44 @ 02-06-2008 20:34

ahh, thats saves me alot of money too
thanks guys

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