Need help - first Inter rail

FNC @ 21-01-2009 11:28

Hi everyone!

Me and my girlfriend are planning an interRail from Stockholm to Berlin with stops in Copenhagen and Hamburg.
and then come back in Stockholm.
We think to do this the during the last week of February. hope it´s not too late since today is 21 of January, so exactly in one month.

We were thinking to buy the inter rail ticket from 5 to 10 days but we don´t have understand really well how it works.

so what I understood is that I will buy an interRail ticket and then I will plan which train and at which time I will take my trains and then just go to the station to get the trains.
about prenotatiopn I should prenotate before only if I need couchette or for some particular train.

- Is is true? is this the way that works or I have misunderstood somethings?
- How do I prenotate my couchette? should I go the main train stration of my town (stockholm in my case) and prenotate the couchette? but if so, to use my InterRail ticket, I have to show them that I have the InterRail ticket to take advatage of it or i will pay regular money for this travel even if I have the InterRail ticket?

thank you so much! 🙂

Pete @ 21-01-2009 11:47

hi ...

5 travel days within a period of 10 days mean:

1) you buy your ticket ( ) and select the first day your ticket will be valid
2) then you get the ticket send to you at home
3) you start your tour on the first day your ticket is valid (you can also start on the second, ... but then you lose one day of the valid days)
4) only fill in a travel day, when you need it... so you are flexible and free. you do not have to select your travel days on purchase or at the beginning of your tour. do it during your tour. 🙂

some more information:
- you can buy the reservations for night trains/high speed trains already in advance, even when not owning an InterRail pass. if you want, do it at the main station in Stockholm
- and yes, you just jump into the train and sit down, as long as you do not need a supplement:
especially Germany is nice for you, as you even don't need to pay a supplement for the high-speed-train ICE !! 🙂
- on your way back from Berlin to Scandinavia, have a look on this cheap solution:

have fun, Peter 🙂

FNC @ 21-01-2009 12:16

Hi Peter!

Thank you so much for your answers! 🙂

I have another question.
If I will buy an InterRail ticket why I have to buy in the future other tickets or buy other reservetion (and not just do the reservation) for other trains?

when I got the InterRail ticket, what other things I have to pay when I´ll use trains?
Maybe with the InterRail ticket I paid most of the prise so what I have to pay is just a small extra amount that depends on whitch train I use?



Pete @ 21-01-2009 13:29

you only have to pay as extra the supplements...
the InterRail ticket is the BASIC ... and for extra like high speed or a bed in a night train (like in a hostel you also have to pay for a bed to sleep) you have to pay sometimes extra.
for train schedules have a look here:
and then have a look here for the supplements, if needed or not (just select the country you need):
the night trains are listed here:

FNC @ 22-01-2009 09:58

Hi Peter,

thank you so much for your reply and your huge help.

Did the Berlin night express works only from April to November?
I´m planning to do the interRail in february so seems that I will not be able to use Berlin Night Express.
Do you know any other company or do you have any other idea about how to get direct train from Berlin to Sweden? (Malmö or Stockholm)?

thank you so much!


Pete @ 22-01-2009 10:54

oh ... I didn't recognized that you do not travel in summer...
so in this case the Berlin-Malmö-Express is not available for you. mmmh... sorry...
and there is only one solution for you: by ICE train from Berlin to Copenhagen and then you have to change the train. no direct train is available.
sorry for these news... all the best, Peter 🙂

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