My first Interrail trip

mimmi @ 17-08-2007 19:38

this is my route Im going to travel the next month... Germany-France-(Netherlands)-Spain-Italy-Greece-Poland. Because its my first trip and I havent travel that much before Im just wondering if anyone have some advices about the best way going from one place to another, nighttrains, hostels or if I should add some countries to the route. Im planning to stay for about three days in each country... At the moment I havent booked anything, either hostel or train. What do you recommend? To book or not to book? I want the freedom to go every where but I dont want to sleep outside... 😐
Thanks for helping me out!!
🤣 /mimmi



Ian @ 20-08-2007 12:00

I haven't made my first trip yet either, so I can't offer much travel advice.

However, I would say that in Poland definitely go to Cracow/Krakow. Such a great place.

Perhaps book the first few nights in hostels. You can then gauge whether you need to book others - and there will still be time to do so in advance.

Are you planning to not stop off between Greece and Poland? I'd definitely visit other places on the way, especially Hungary.

mimmi @ 20-08-2007 18:02

i´m going to visit krakow, i´ve always wanted to go there 🙂 And if you´re also going to poland you should go to gdansk near the coast, it´s absolutely beautiful!

I think so to, the first few nights could be nice to have booked a hostel... I´ve thought about maybe bringing a tent but I´m not sure yet, because I´m travelling alone and maybe that would be to lonely... 😐 but cheaper. And of course I can use the night train to save time and money.

I´m going to stop between greece and poland but I havent decided where yet... Serbia is one of my favourite countries so I think I´m going there, and maybe Croatia or, as you thought, hungary.

Ian @ 21-08-2007 07:58

Thanks for the Gdansk tip. I should have travel days left for a side trip, so if I get to Poland (at the end of my trip) with enough time to spare, I might well do that.

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