MADRID - PORTO - night train

Pete @ 17-04-2010 06:31

MADRID - PORTO | night train
Information for Interrail, Eurail and travellers with normal train tickets from Madrid to Porto.

Madrid - Porto:
Porto - Madrid:

Older information:
1) Take the night train from Madrid to Porrino (final destination is Pontevedra)
2) Change in Porrino to Porto

Seat (only 2nd class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 5
Standard fare: EUR 48

Couchette 4 | 4-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 29
Standard fare: EUR 74

Sleeper DOUBLE | 2-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 80
Standard fare: EUR 132

Sleeper SINGLE | 1-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 140
Standard fare: EUR 192

Update: Nov 2016

emilschionning @ 15-01-2011 14:34

Anybody who knows how long time it takes? And if the seats can roll back or is it just normal seats.

- Emil 🙂

Flo @ 15-01-2011 14:45

Hi Emil!


Madrid Chamartin 2230 - 0659 Porrino
Porrino 0807 - 0955 Porto Campanha

👉 If the train is on time you can stay a little bit longer until Redondela: arr 0719, dep to Porto at 0754. If you are adventurous, you can even stay until Vigo: arr 0733, dep to Porto at 0740 (but I wouldnt recommend that option). 😉

There are reclining seats on that train which I would recommend given that you have to get up rather early so a sleeper wouldnt really pay off. 🙂

Flo 😎

emilschionning @ 15-01-2011 14:54

Thanks 🙂

fxcgomes @ 22-05-2011 14:52


How do I make reservations for seats in this train?
At railcc the only options available are 43€ and above, and I would really appreciate if I could really travel in a seat.


Pete @ 22-05-2011 14:55

As you can NOT buy the InterRail discounted reservations online, not at the website of the Spanish national railway company RENFE and therefore understandably as well not at the railcc shop, you find at the online shop only normal fare tickets. It is NOT a railcc problem! 🙂
To get these special reservations either buy it directly at a railway station or do it this way:
Peter 🙂

fxcgomes @ 22-05-2011 15:09

Thank you very much Peter.

As I am new to all of this stuff I didn't knew if it was a problem of the site or of the railway company. I now see that RENFE causes a lot of problems among InterRail Pass users.

Again, thank you for your help. 🤣

Pete @ 22-05-2011 15:18

No problem to ask. 🙂
If you have more questions, just let us know.
Peter 🙂

Flo @ 08-11-2011 09:01

Well, have a look here for the best online schedule planners 👉

nickwhiteacre @ 26-04-2012 20:33

Hi there

I've been trying to book this route through the site but had difficulty, I just get directed to a phone number. Can anyone tell me if there are tickets available to purchase for July 2012? Or another site where I can buy them?



Pete @ 26-04-2012 20:58

Hi Nick.
Like mentioned in the email I wrote you...

There is NO direct night train between Madrid and Porto.
Only from Madrid to Lisbon.

If you want to travel overnight from Madrid to Porto, do it this way:

Madrid-Chamartin dep: 2230
Redondela de Galicia arr: 0719

This connection is available online at:

Please note: there is a change in the schedules in Europe on the second weekend in June. Therefore it might take some time until the Spanish railway company puts online all there schedules for July.

Next step is...
Redondela de Galicia dep: 0757
Porto(Campanha) arr: 0945

This train is not available to purchase online. Sorry. 😐

I hope this information will help you planing your trip.

Peter 🙂

petycat @ 15-01-2013 03:16

But then, how can you reserve the ticket? Directly at the station? During the connection? LOL if i want to go to porto i wanna be sure that I have a place in the train from Redondela to Porto, I don't want to be stuck in Redondela

Pete @ 15-01-2013 09:18

No need to buy a reservation for the part in Portugal with a rail pass:
Peter 🙂

Flo @ 15-01-2013 10:21

As Peter said, no reservation required on that train. Moreover, it does not carry a lot of passengers across the border and has therefore been almost suspendend some time ago.

Flo 😎

petycat @ 16-01-2013 16:37

So if I want to buy the ticket Madrid-porrino and porrino-porto individualy, it is two different tickets. But if I have an EURAIL pass, is it considered as a two day trip or only one? Sorry it's my first time travelling by train in europe and i don't understand everything. I want to be sure to be able to reach porto

Pete @ 16-01-2013 16:46

You need a reservation for the night train Madrid - Porrino.
You can buy it before your trip here at railcc, as it is send as paper ticket (order it for example together with your Eurail pass). Or buy it during your trip at a railway station in Spain.
At Porrino change to the other train to Porto. Just enter and sit down. You will travel for free with your Eurail pass there. 🙂
And it is only ONE travel day. When entering the night train in Madrid, fill in your pass the date of the next day:

Please support railcc:
- buy your rail passes and tickets here on the recommended website:
- add locations of your home-town (bars, nice places, ...)
Thank you! 🙂

Peter 🙂

petycat @ 17-01-2013 16:57

Okay thanks a lot!!!! 🙂

petycat @ 06-03-2013 18:02

Sorry to ask you again about this.... I've read on another topic that you can also take the train from madrid to redondela, and then take the train from redondela to porto? what is the best?

Pete @ 07-03-2013 07:07

All current connections with sense are listed here:
Peter 🙂

petycat @ 29-04-2013 12:21

When I want to make a reservation for the train Madrid-O porrino on the railcc online shop, I only sees expensive fares, coming from 122$. Where can I see the Eurail pass fare details for this reservation? Thanks a lot!

Pete @ 29-04-2013 13:46

Which date?
The system shows only free places:

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