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Pete @ 02-06-2008 19:30

LUNÉA | FRENCH night train | SNCF

The French national railway company SNCF offers a good night train network. The fares / supplements are cheap, the service good. In 2011 the French LUNÉA night trains were renamed to ICN (Intercités de nuit).

Sometimes you get even cheaper reservations, but these are the average prices.
This are the reservation fees for Rail Pass travelers.

Sleeping seats (sleeperette): from EUR 2

Couchette (4 or 6 beds per compartment): from EUR 20

👉 List of all French night trains:

💡 Only reservations for Rail Pass travellers (Interrail and Eurail)

1) Online via ACPRail:

2) Or via SNCF: - select the option Global Pass

💡 Point to point ticket booking

1) Trainline

2) or SNCF

Update: Jun 2014

dmirstek @ 01-07-2008 13:08

Special offer: sleeperette seats bought in Germany - only 4 EUR 🙂

Hetman @ 12-01-2009 23:23

sleeperette seats are even for 2 euro.

stfontes @ 28-03-2009 04:09

Are those the prices for any connections?

Also, do we make the reservations on that website? I couldn't find anything about the Inter Rail there...

Pete @ 28-03-2009 07:17

yes... it is the same for all Corail connections within France. the distance doesn't matter.
you can't book it via their website, as there is no special InterRail discount to chose.
it is always the same ... travelling by a Railpass means you have to buy your reservations in most cases at a station. 😶

Hetman @ 28-03-2009 10:38

if you are not in France, the best way to make reservation is call to DB. they make reservations on all europeans train and if you are not in Germany they will send you ticket in 3 days for 3,5 euro. - sometimes is problem with english but, i hope, you will not 😉

stfontes @ 28-03-2009 10:39

Can't I make reservations at the train stations?

Pete @ 28-03-2009 12:21

of course you can also make it at stations...

Hetman @ 28-03-2009 14:28

depends on country! i couldn't make reservation 4 weeks before in spain!

Pete @ 29-03-2009 18:10

that's right ...! 🙂
for reservations long time in advance, it is better to do it either by phone or in the country the train leaves at a station... 🙂

zeetha @ 06-05-2009 13:50

Does anyone:konw if there is a night train between Nice and Bordeaux?

According to the map on the Corail Lunea website there is supposed to be one leaving Nice at 20.57 and arriving in Bordeaux at 08:10. But when I search for it on or try to reserve tickets on corails website that depature is nowhere to be found.

Pete @ 06-05-2009 14:37

maybe the train is only running every second day - or the timetables for the summer aren't up to date right now ...?!? then you have to ba patient a little bit. Peter 🙂

zeetha @ 07-05-2009 19:46

thanks! I found the connection in May so it's probably the summer time table thing then..

bluepaw @ 03-06-2009 18:11

waht are the 2009 prices for this train?

Pete @ 04-06-2009 16:35

the same! if there are changes, we do an update automatically.

bluepaw @ 04-06-2009 17:19

in their site as i can't understand french there are some things written like 20 euro. what are they?

Petra @ 04-06-2009 17:32

You mean the prices in some kind of a cloud? 🙂 It says you get a sleeping seat from 20€ onwards - it's a Prem ticket, so you have to reserve as soon as possible because it's a special offer with limited places. But has nothing to do with interrail.

bluepaw @ 04-06-2009 17:46

in Peter's first post it writes a seat is 6 Euro. which price is the true one?

the one with 20 euro or 6 euro?

Petra @ 04-06-2009 17:53

Yeah, I told you it has nothing to do with interrail... it's a normal ticket, I just told you what it says since you wanted to know. I don't think they have interrail fares on their page and surely you can rely on the prices Peter has given in the first post.

bluepaw @ 04-06-2009 17:57

i'm sorry for my second post :P thanks for your answers

mihce_slo @ 22-09-2009 15:07

I got a ticket for the seat on the Lunea train for 1,50€ but I bought it a few days in advance 😉 . But I wasn't able to sleep on the train much but it was really cheap.

Pete @ 23-09-2009 06:43

good to know ... the price really seems to depend on the time and how many seats are still free. 🙂
but the 1,50 EUR was for a seat?!

mihce_slo @ 03-10-2009 15:57

Yes for the sleeping seat

jambodavid @ 15-01-2010 19:55

Does this sleeper only travel in the direction of Paris to Port Bou? Ive tried to find a sleeper going in the opposite direction but can't find anything. Where does the train go after it reaches port bou if it doesn't return the way it came?


Flo @ 15-01-2010 20:00

It runs from Cerbère only.

At the French-Spanish borders (Hendaye - Irun and Cerbère - Port Bou) part of the trains end at the other's country border station but start from their own country's station.

Flo 😎

jambodavid @ 15-01-2010 20:06

Ah okay, thanks very much. And wow that was a quick reply 🤣

farazjawaid @ 25-04-2010 22:11

I want to go from Paris to Madrid with an interrail pass I tried to find the cheapest way to do that with the interrail pass and how to reserve the train but unfortunately it didn't really worked I went to corail lunea website and tried there but the price came out to be 90 something euro and I dont know how to select Interrail discount on this train can somebody explain me step by step how to do that we are three persons and two of us are under 25 while one of us is above 25 I dont wish to pay more that 5-10 euros on supplements and it would be very kind of you to explain me the process travel dates would be from 5 june to 15 june

another humble request would be to guide me if possible for anyone of the experienced guys out there I want to travel from Amsterdam to Brussels to Paris to Madrid to Cordoba to Granada to Barcelona to Marsiella to Venice and Rome and I want to do this journey in 7-10 days firstly is it possible in such a short time? and secondly how can I book the trains and how to avoid trains with supplements where ever it is possible. I am sorry as I believe these questions must have been answered in one way or the other but I wish if somebody could guide me with the above mentioned trip

Thanks and kind regards

Flo @ 25-04-2010 22:31

Hi Faraz!

Unfortunately there is no official way to get the InterRail reservations for SNCF trains online. However, there is a not 100% official way described here: Note - you should be able to use this way described by sidhamo2 in the link as well for the Lunéa trains, but only for a reclining seats.

To get your offical reservation (and this is what I recommend) you will have to go to a bigger rail station on mainland europe where you will get it at a staffed counter. That's possible at all SNCF stations but at many stations in other countries as well.
The price of the reservations is mentioned in the first post of this topic.

Regarding your route: That's certainly not possible in ten or even seven days - I'd recommend at least two weeks for such a trip - but even then it probably wont be as fun as it could be. More stressful that you'd want it to be... 😉 If you want further information on that please open a new post in the Travel routes section. Thanks.

Flo 😎

farazjawaid @ 25-04-2010 23:12

Dear Flo,
Thank you very much for your kind reply that was really fast and your services are really commendable 🙂 and yes you are right will become very stressful in such a short period I went to 4 cities last year flying ryanair all the time but still took me 5 days and stupendously sleeping for 24 hours after I returned lol 😎

Thanks and regards

Pete @ 14-06-2010 14:55


I found at the FAQ of the Corail Lunea website this information:

Q : Je possède un Pass Interrail, existe-t-il un supplément pour voyager à bord de Lunéa ?
R : Pour les possesseurs de Pass Interrail, un supplément forfaitaire est appliqué en fonction de la classe de confort choisie.

So it seems that you do NOT NEED a special kind of InterRail reservation, the normal supplément forfaitaire option should be fine as well - and it is the official way.
Visit the website and buy your ticket choosing the option Abo Forfait 2e.

Seat is: EUR 1,50
Couchette is: EUR 17,50

I will check if this is now as well the official way for TGV trains:

Peter 🙂

_matt_ @ 19-06-2010 16:31


i have some questions regarding the french lunea trains.

the FAQ quoted above also state:

Sièges inclinables : 6€, Couchettes 2nde classe : 17.50€, Couchettes 1ère classe : 20€. Prix au 01/01/08.

according to the date I doubt that this is really a new official statement ❓

I am also trying to find the nighttrain from Marseilles to Toulouse (night from 10.8. to 11.8, train info from but i can't find the connection on the corail lunea page. I have already tried different dates, but no luck either. IIRC someone on the forum said that the lunea connections cannot be found via the scnf connection timetable at the moment. is this stille the case or am i missing something else?


Pete @ 19-06-2010 18:13

Hi Matt.

The fares are like mentioned above in the first topic:
Seat is: EUR 1,50
Couchette is: EUR 17,50

There is written in green color: update June 2010, that's the important date. 🙂

Concerning the night train. It seems to had stopped on the change to the summer schedules last week. Information right now: no more night train on this route for this summer. Sorry.

Peter 🙂

ShoRa @ 19-06-2010 20:24

And also train Hendaye - Nice Ville looks like it isn't running any more. I couldn't find it on SNCF website, But I found on DB website, that it is running 33 times from April till December, but not running once during July and August.
And, I checked, it corresponds with SNCF. But, all of this is very weird. If, there is right time to run this train it is summer months. Maybe there is some mistake in system?

IngridL @ 24-06-2010 08:36

It's seems like it's quite difficult to get those low prices if you don'n reserve a seat long time in advance... I'm going next week, and found out a seat with the abonement forfait 2eme from Paris to Barca is over 200 Euros! In addition a seat in September is 17,50..

If this is true, it will be hard to make reservations right before you go at the ticket office, or am I so wrong? Please tell me I am.


Flo @ 24-06-2010 09:29

Hi Ingrid!

I think there's a mistake somewhere. 😉

- There is only one direct Paris - Barcelona service at the moment, the Elipsos sleeper train. I dont think you can make reservations for this train over SNCF website.
So, maybe the qouted 200€ are for a connecting service - I cant tell more now since I'm at university. Oh, and that 17,50€ for a couchette should be correct. 😉

I'll check it later again... 🙂

Flo 😎

IngridL @ 24-06-2010 10:51

Thanks for the reply! : )

Sorry, I was talking about Corail Lunea from Paris to Port Bou. However, if I end up standing at the station having to pay that much, i'd rather take another alternative.
Do you have any experience trying to make reservations at the station a few days before the train leaves? That was our plan, but now it seems to be a stupid plan...


Flo @ 24-06-2010 21:11


It is always a little difficult to predict whether a train will be full... Depends on when you're travelling, if there's only one train running that route etc...I'd say if you're travelling at a weekend (Friday/Sunday), the sooner you make your reservation, the better.

I just checked that train for next week - on Friday it seems to be full, at least for tickets with Abo Forfait 2eme. That's also why you were qouted the 200€ - because there were no seats for Abo Forfait 2eme available the website showed you prices for tickets still available.
However, for Thursday there are still couchettes and seats available - I just checked. 🙂 So you could make your reservation now. Another alternative would be to get the night train to Latour de Carol and then either directly go to Barcelona via Vic or take the Petit Train Jaune down to Villefranche and Perpignan and then continue along the coast to Barcelona.

Flo 😎

IngridL @ 25-06-2010 08:49


I found a train to Toulouse, and couldn't do anything but jump on to it. Leaving Paris 22.50. It was only 2 Euros per person, a bit less panicing now 🤣

Though it will take some time getting to Barca in the morning/day / afternoon/ you name it, I think it's better than using the WHOLE day becuase the trains in the night are completely full ( and ###### expencive).

Saticfied! By the way, i presume forfait 2e is the same as 2nd class daily, if not I'm screwed.

Ingrid, leaving monday( without a clue) 😶

PhantomManic @ 07-07-2010 13:20

Hi everyone!

I'm wanting to take the Corail Lunea from Paris to Port-Bou on tuesday the 13th, so I checked it in the routeplanner. Is the 2nd one in this list a Corail Lunea?
with dep 21:57
arr 08:21

Flo @ 08-07-2010 05:42

Yup. 🙂

tj0ckis @ 20-07-2010 19:40

I've been reading around on this forum trying to find a way to get between Paris and Barcelona without having to pay 70€+ for a seat reservations with IR-pass, which is what the swedish travelling agency told me i most likely had to pay. This thread certainly proves them wrong and got my hopes up! 🙂
Anyway, me and my girlfriend are planning to do the above mentioned route on the 18th of august - YES, maybe somewhat overkill on the planning!
My biggest problem right now is that I don't know any french 🙂 I've been clicking around on, trying to make a reservation for the specified date (you would be amazed how far you can get with google translate!). I've managed to get the stated price for a Abo Forfait 2e-ticket (17,5€), and the correct dates and departures etc (9:56 p.m, right?).

Still i hesitate... I remember reading somewhere on another thread that you can't make reservations online with an IR-pass. You need to do it in a train station?
Although that does not fit in with the information in this thread?

So, my big question is - if i pay for this Abo Forfait 2e-ticket, I won't get charged extra on the train or running a risk of getting hassled by the conductor due to not doing it correct (the IR way!)???
Also, two sub-questions...
* Will i be able to collect my tickets at the train station in Paris in the middle of august? Even if i already today make my reservation?
* Is there any guarantee that we will be placed in the same couchette?

Thanks in advance for an answer!!
/ Kim

Pete @ 20-07-2010 19:59

Hi Kim.

It seems to work the Abo Forfait 2e-ticket. It is even mentioned at their official website (see first post and the following link):

Yes you can collect your tickets in Paris in August. But you can get it send home as well via .
Yes, you are placed in the same couchette if you book together (bed/compartment numbers are shown at the booking).

Peter 🙂

tj0ckis @ 20-07-2010 20:13

Wow! Thanks for a quick reply!

And thanks for the heads up about the rollercoaster ride!

Just a few additional questions 🙂
With the free regional train, you're not supposed to make reservations, right? You just jump on the train at the stations (Prepignan/Villefranche Vernet les Bains/La Tour De Carol) and show your IR-pass (in our case, a flexi-pass 10/22) to the conductor and enjoy the free ride? 🙂 Even the small yellow cabriolet train?

Thanks again! 🙂

tj0ckis @ 20-07-2010 20:18

And sorry, I couldn't figure out how to mail the tickets to my home adress (Sweden)? It seems to only work with domestic mail?

Pete @ 20-07-2010 20:23

That's right. Just jump in the Petit Train Jaune. It is a normal regional train (even if it looks like a special rollercoaster train).
Sit down wherever you want as there are no reservations possible.

Concerning the purchase and sending to Sweden ... mmmmh... it is possible to several countries - maybe then not to Sweden?!?
Then you have to use the option of a ticket machine and pick the ticket up in a station in Paris.

Peter 🙂

PennyLane @ 20-07-2010 20:49

oh, so does it mean we can book corail lunea online now?
if so...shall i use my ir ticket as a frequent traveler season ticket?


Pete @ 21-07-2010 07:31

Hi Penny.

Yes you can book online now - simply do it like mentioned at the first post of this topic.
And it is Abo Forfait 2e, NOT: frequent traveler season ticket.

Peter 🙂

PennyLane @ 21-07-2010 07:58

hey Peter,

yes, abo forfait 2e, and then when the price shows up it says:
Billet Abonnement Forfait : Abonnement Forfait à présenter à bord du train.Service d'échange et de remboursement gratuit jusqu'au départ. Sous conditions après départ

no idea what it means but on English website it is:

Forfait Subscription : Frequent Traveller Season Ticket to be shown on board.Free exchange and refund service up until departure. Conditions apply after departure

so, is it ok or am I blind and picked the wrong abo forfait 2e? 😉


Pete @ 21-07-2010 10:07

Hi Penny.

I would go for the 2nd class daily - as it is the word at the position like on the French page and you get the supplement fares of EUR 1,50 and EUR 17,50.

And 2nd Class Frequent is closer to the option Abo Fréquence 2e on the French website.

I would say to 90% it is 2nd class daily.

Peter 🙂

PennyLane @ 21-07-2010 10:47

yep, that's right.
and then it shows up:
1.50 € Forfait Subscription : Frequent Traveller Season Ticket to be shown on board.Free exchange and refund service up until departure. Conditions apply after departure.

*don't place links to individual train schedules, as the sessions expire - like this one*

I was just wondering if the IR ticket can be used as Frequent Traveller Season Ticket....but I guess if Corail Lunea website says so it should be fine 😉

thanks Peter 🙂


Pete @ 21-07-2010 10:55

Not the name of a ticket category is important to the internal system of a railway company - they have special numbers.
For example for Rail passes like InterRail and Eurail you have to book on the internal system (only the staff booking tickets for you will see it) tickets with the code number 44.
And for the French Corail night trains, the 44 is attached to the Abo Forfait 2e.
So you get the discount as Railpass travelers with the Abo Forfait 2e - not with a special named Railpass discount ...
Peter 🙂

PennyLane @ 21-07-2010 11:13

all clear now

thank you thank you thank you, good man 😉


tj0ckis @ 21-07-2010 16:30

Hello again!
I don't know if I'm in the right thread for this query, but I couldn't find a thread with a lot of information about the night route between Cerbere and Strasbourg, and now you've won my trust Peter 🤣

After Barcelona we're heading towards Prague! And that trip will be a bit tricky trying to use minimum travelling days (flexi pass), avoiding expensive supplements and reservations on french trains etc.
I managed to find a possible route between Cerbere and Strasbourg (and later heading towards Nürnberg to get the expressbus to Prague), which is a nighttrain (Lunea as well??) and departs from Cerbere at 20:43, arriving in Strasbourg 08:31.
The problem though is that we're planning to do that trip around the 23rd of august, and I can't find any departures on the specified date. But if i check for the same trip on the same day of the week earlier in August (2nd), I find it - couchette for 17,5€ with Abo Forfait 2e.

Hence my question - is that route shut down later on in august or hasn't it yet been published for bookings?? Am I looking too far into the future??
Also, does anyone know what the supplements for the other connecting trips on that route (Barcelona-Prague) would cost me (approximately, excluding the night train) with an IR-pass?

Sorry if I'm in the wrong thread, and if so, please point me in the right direction 🙂
Thanks again!

Pete @ 21-07-2010 17:32


The night train is not running on the 23th.
It runs on the 22th and then again on the 25th. Check the detail website by clicking the train number. There you will find the details.

From Nürnberg do not use the bus, as you have to pay for it - you can use free Regional trains:

As well the EC/IC Strasbourg-Karlsruhe-Nürnberg is free with InterRail.

Peter 🙂

tj0ckis @ 21-07-2010 18:16

Peter, you're a star! Thanks!! 🙂

Just to clarify, with the IC-trains, you don't need any bookings/reservations at all? You can just jump on the train and show your IR-pass, even if it's full or not??
What about the ICE-trains? In the Route Planner it often says high occupancy to be expected, please reserve (from***-to***). What does that means? If the train is full and you're without a reservation, will that just mean that you'll end up without a proper seat, or does it mean that you will be kicked off the train at the next station?

I'm sorry for all these questions, I just want a confirmation from a believable source... since I no longer contact the swedish railwayagency (who tried to sell me a reservation ticket between Barcelona and Nürnberg for 95€, with IR!)! Everyone in their support has told me to always make reservations for all the trains, and well in advance.

With shorter trips I'm not so picky, but with these longer routes I just want to be sure to make it through - without large extra expenses or setbacks along the way.

Pete @ 21-07-2010 18:45


IC and ICE trains are free ... go in, sit down, pay attention to the signs over the seats, they show from where to where a seat is reserved.
A reservation (if you want to have one) for one of these German trains is about 3-4 EUR if you use a ticket machine at a station - easy to use.

If a train is full, you can sit down on the floor or on your back pack, they won't throw you out of the train - German trains are very frequent, at least every hour you have a connection.

Peter 🙂

skELsk_ @ 23-07-2010 15:54

Hello everyone!

I'll be doing an InterRail during the first two weeks of August, with three friends. And I have some questions related to this subject.

As I need to travel between Cerbère and Paris, using this Corail Lunéa train, I've searched this website and I found that I could (not sure of that) do the reservations for this train and also for other TGV trains that I'll be using (Strasbourg - Paris and Paris - Irun), by choosing the option Abonnement Forfait 2e. So I did that, and I already have the tickets with me (received them by mail).

At first, we were 6 and I bought the tickets for 6 person. But now, unfortunately two of us will not be able to go, so we are just 4. The problem is that the reservation for the six is altogether in the same ticket, but now we are just four. Should we try to exchange this ticket before getting into the train, or can we use it without having any problems with the two occupied seats?

The other question is, can we be sure that we will not be charged any extra taxes by having this Abonnement Forfait 2e ticket? The tickets for the Corail train cost 20 €/person and for other TGV 1,50 €/person, are these taxes correct?

The final question is: Should we try to get normal InterRail passes reservations directly in the station, or these that we have will work?


skELsk_ @ 23-07-2010 15:59

Complementing my last question, I've found this information:

«The French railways (SNCF) have announced two changes in the reservation fees of TGV high-speed trains:

The compulsory reservation of a seat now costs 6 euro for InterRail Pass holders, instead of 3 euro before.
If there are no seats left for the 6 euro fare, InterRailers can now make last-minute reservations locally for a 'peak fare' of 18 euro.»

This means that now there are no limited seats for InterRail pass holders? So doing a reservation with Abonnement Forfait 2e does not make sense, or does it?


Pete @ 26-07-2010 11:26

Hi Tiago.

You can change your ticket a the place where you bought it.
But it is no problem to use it with 4 persons - and 2 seats are empty.

The Abonnement Forfait 2e definitely works on the CORAIL night trains - as it is mentioned on their website.
The fare of 17,50 - 20 EUR per bed in a couchetter is correct.

About the TGVs, the situation is very new. No guarantee on the Abonnement Forfait 2e thing.

Peter 🙂

toofun @ 02-09-2010 17:57

hey everyone,

it seems the language problem is over now for this railway company. the language can be changed into english from french 🙂
but when I look a seat from strasbourg to portbou, the price should be 2 euros as everyone says, but it doesnt. the price with second class frequent card is about 50 euros. why is it so? can you help me at this point?


Flo @ 02-09-2010 18:22


please tell me for what date you've been looking.

EDIT: I just checked the connection for Fr, 24th Sep and got the 1,50€ reservation for a reclining seat without problems. Note that the direct Lunéa train is running only at Friday and Sunday from 5th September. Maybe you've searched for another date and was offered another connection including a change of trains and that's why it got more expensive?

Flo 😎

toofun @ 02-09-2010 18:30

I've tried to book a seat from 17th september, strasbourg-portbou train.

Flo @ 02-09-2010 18:41

Works without problems on 17th september as well... 😐

Over which site did you try to book your seat? I do it always via and it worked fine every time. If you also try via please tell me how you proceed so I could help you. 🙂

toofun @ 02-09-2010 19:46

thank you for your help flow. the problem is fixed and I have bought my ticket 🙂

Flo @ 02-09-2010 20:10

Great to hear - have fun! 🙂

Flo 😎

stewart_life @ 19-01-2011 09:51


I'm looking for Lunea night train from Nice to Paris at for Friday nights in April 2011 (for example 1 April 2011), but I can't find it. But I can see the Lunea schedule on other day in April 2011, like Sunday (3 April 2011). It's, however, available for Friday in the previous month, like in March 2011 (for example 25 March 2011).

Does anybody know why is that? Does it mean that Lunea night train is not operating on Friday night in April 2011? Or does it mean that Lunea night train doesn't operate every night?

Because I'm thinking of going from Nice to Paris taking the night train, and going back Paris to Nice on Sunday with the day train. Please help me with this.

Thank you very much 🙂

Flo @ 19-01-2011 10:50


apparently the Lunea isnt running that day. 😐 Although I can find it (with a little trick) on the schedule planner of ÖBB (Austrian railway company) I wouldnt 100% trust that - if you cant find it on the SNCF website then it certainly isnt running.
Maybe it is fully booked already...but on the other hand I cant see that major France holidays are about to start/end at this weekend (1st April). Sorry, cant give you more details. Lunea are maybe not operating throughout the year off-season but it is hard to check that since there are no timetables published on the SNCF websites and you would have to search for every single day if the train is running.

Flo 😎

stewart_life @ 19-01-2011 15:21

Thanks flow for the prompt reply.

Just to be clear, are you saying that because March is a low-season that Lunea night train is not running every night?

Correct me if I'm wrong, the schedule for Lunea night train is release 90 days before, right? So, if today is 20 January, I will be able to check until roughly 20 April, is that correct?

Thanks a lot!

Flo @ 19-01-2011 15:44

The Paris-bound Lunea normally should run daily throughout the year, only the cross-country services are running on certain days only. I checked again on the ÖBB travel planner which says that the train is running daily until 3rd march but then ceases running - I cant imagine that. However another option on this travel planner shows me the train is running daily until June, when the database gets updated).
I checked the European Rail Timetable of the last years and the Nice - Paris Lunea was running daily every year - I think it is best to wait some time and then check on the SNCF site again.

Flo 😎

stewart_life @ 20-01-2011 06:54

Hi flow, thanks a lot for your help. It's a bummer that the Lune night train schedule is not available as of now for the period that supposed to be already released. I think I'm going to use the TGV or iDTGV for 4 April to secure the tickets (it's still around 90 euro return trip, but I'm afraid the price will go up soon).

Maybe the Lunea night train is available for May (as I also plan on going to Paris in May), and I will check again in the future. 🙂

Lordmwa @ 01-03-2011 21:51

According to Some maps on the internet there is a french night train that would take us from tolouse to geneve however i can only find mention on sncf websites of 3 trains all to and from paris.

Really confused.....

Flo @ 01-03-2011 22:11

There is a Lunéa Genève - Irun/Hendaye - Genève via Toulouse. It does not run daily throughout the year and it will be difficult to find the timings on the standard travel planners.

Train number is 4778/4779, Genève dep 2041, Toulouse arr 0505/dep 0609 so you can stay a little in the train in Toulouse.

Lunéa réseau:

Flo 😎

Lordmwa @ 01-03-2011 22:20

Doesnt leave tolouse till 0609!

What time does it get to geneve - not really a night train if that is the case

Flo @ 01-03-2011 23:01

Ah, sorry I wrote the timings for the Geneve - Tolouse - Irun train... 😧

Hendaye - Toulouse - Genève: Lunéa 4678/4679

Toulouse dep 0036 (arr 2324)
Genève arr 0815

Lordmwa @ 01-03-2011 23:16

That sounds a little better!

If anyone finds the info on that it would be great if someone could let me know. It seems to be getting a bit late for having not announced summer night trains yet

Lordmwa @ 10-03-2011 17:49

Thank you for your email.

The information we have currently suggests that this service will operate this summer. However, this has yet to be confirmed by SNCF. There are engineering works being planned in the South West of France and so it is currently not possible to book this service. The Toulouse to Geneva service starts in Hendaye and so the timetable has yet to be confirmed.

Seems basically they havent got a clue.....

Flo @ 10-03-2011 18:20

Well, that doesnt surprise me as it basically is a ticket sales channel for SNCF abroad. I havent read any reports that this service might be cancelled, but we'll see... 😧

Lordmwa @ 10-03-2011 20:33

Next step i am emailing the address given on the website. Luckily my girlfriend speaks french well enough to email them in the right language!

Lordmwa @ 10-03-2011 21:03

Email was not required

Is this years timetable although it does mention at the bottom that due to engineering works the trains may be changed or possibly not run. On the international journey planner i have found it possible to find them for the next two days but no further....

Hopefully it will be sorted soon!

fireneale @ 17-04-2011 09:26

Hi Guys,

Has anyone got an update on night trains from Paris this summer.

I am travelling to Pau with my wife and son, hopefully on a Friday night to arrive in Pau early on Saturday morning.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Flo @ 17-04-2011 09:42


well I have no news whatsoever regarding Lunéa services. You can either use the Lunéa 👉 or, on Friday (and Sunday) evening only, with an overnight TGV. This TGV is a regular train with seats only.

Paris 2310 - 0722 Pau 👉 Lunéa
Paris 2250 - 0621 Pau 👉 TGV

Flo 😎

francisbarton @ 19-04-2011 20:00

Hi all

Glad I found this forum, as it has helped me to relax a little about the difficulty I am experiencing in booking Lunea tickets from Paris to Toulon this July.

The posts on this page concur with what I was told over the phone yesterday: There is engineering work going on and they are not yet sure what their timetables will be.

I will post here as soon as I know more - please do the same should you hear anything.

I am not an inter-railer nor an experienced European traveller - just someone very excited about our planned holiday to the Med and wanting to avoid air travel! Have had a very anxious few weeks waiting for the bookings to open (90 days in advance we are told) and since then, not being able to find the Lunea times has made me very nervous that our dream of a sleeper to the sun will not happen!

Hope we will find out more soon...

fireneale @ 04-05-2011 15:18


I've been checking the SCNF website and Corail on a regular basis. They have just made the night (sleeper) train from Paris Austerlitz to Pau available on the 3rd June. The following Friday there is no sleeper advertised yet. However they may make one available at a later date. It does seem that trains are becoming available on a short notice basis. What's frustrating is not being able to get a coherent answer as to why this is either from RE or the French Tourist Board which merely referred me back to RE.

Guess we'll all just have to keep monitoring the web sites... and keeping our fingers crossed.

francisbarton @ 04-05-2011 15:33

Thanks for that update fireneale.
We're checking the RE site regularly too.

RegDab @ 06-05-2011 13:15

Great advice above,

want to go Paris to Antibes in August and no sign via RE website.

Have emailed SNCF who replied yesterday

The timetable for trains for the Paris-Cannes line is currently being drawn up.

For this reason, the train is currently unavailable for booking via any SNCF sales channel:

SNCF is doing everything in its power to ensure that you can plan your journey and book your train ticket as soon as possible.

Please consult our site regularly to check availability.

Keep checking and hopefully the details appear when available

joeymanic @ 08-05-2011 15:09


I am planning to travel Paris - Irun in early July, and like everyone else, have been concerned by lack of details.

Apparently Lunea and the spanish Elipsos are being heavily affected by engineering, especially for anything going through Bordeaux, and so whilst services generally do run, timetables are being published at very, very short notice.

that said, cancellations can't be ruled out.

So it's a case of holding tight!

Lordmwa @ 09-05-2011 13:31

This makes me appreciate how nice it is in britain - unless they are for emergencies engineering works have to be fully organised for at least 12 weeks and then all the rail timetables are released 12 weeeks in advance. Here it seems to be 3/4 days

RegDab @ 10-05-2011 13:41

At present you can book upto the end of May 😡

Its a case of checking RE or a SNCF site like tgveurope every couple of days until your dates are available.

Eurotrip @ 15-05-2011 15:57


I try to book at SNCF for early july for a Paris-Irun line, as the paris-madrid thread guides:

I can't find any connection to interrail, and i only get 50+ Euro fares... Nothing even close to those few euros mentioned in the first post. Also tried CORAIL and Elipsos websites, but same results - 50-200Eur fares... Also tried all the above trail liners with Paris-Madrid and Paris-Irun routes. Can you please help, what did I wrong? Thank You!

Pete @ 15-05-2011 17:40

Maybe you mixed the type of reservation you need?
The one is called Abo Frequence 2e, the other is called Abo Forfait 2e.
You need the Forfait one.
Pay attention if booking in an other language to select the right one - it is usually the lower one in the selection field.
I just tired a booking and it worked perfect. EUR 2 for a seat, EUR 20 for a couchette.
Peter 🙂

Hetman @ 15-05-2011 17:42

Maybe it is to early to get the information for the night train now. Schedules are sometimes published only short time in advance.

viskonde @ 15-05-2011 17:51

hi, i was trying to go from Hendaya to Nice or Geneve , and in the Lunea website it appears that should be a direct train to any of this cities, but in the search results it always says me to go to paris and then to nice or geneve, is the works that you are talking about?

also i saw that the Lunea leaves Dax ate 23h55 and arrives Paris ate 7h00

Because it is not possible to use the 19.00 rule on the first day, this means that i start my inter rail with that lunea train it would count as two days right?

which is the best (and chepeast) way to pass over france (starting in hendaye) and go to switzerland or belgium/luxembourg without losing 2 day travels nor without losing a complete day inside the train? :

Pete @ 15-05-2011 18:05

The night train Hendaye - Nice runs only on special days. This was the fact last Friday, next time somewhen in June. Don't count on it. I think it is something with school holidays (starting/ending) in France?!

To go up to Belgium is by day train TGV (or night train) then continue the direct way to Bruxelles (but don't use the expensive THALYS trains!).

If you want to save one of your travel days, buy a ticket from Hendaye until the first station after midnight. Or if you know your exact travel day, but a special offer for the night train. Sometimes they are really cheap!

If you want to travel to Switzerland, the best way is usually via Paris.
Other option is to Bordeaux - from there a direct train to Lyon, then continue to Geneve.

Peter 🙂

HannesL @ 15-05-2011 22:57

i wanted to take the Lunea from Perpignan to Strasbourg on the 2nd of July.
The timetabel of the train says that its running daily in july, but i can't find it at or
Is there any information about that or does someone know a good alternative route from perpignan (or LE PETIT TRAIN JAUNE) to (southern) germany?


Hetman @ 15-05-2011 23:13

diebahn as well as voyages-sncf says that there is no any direct connection BUT you can go to Arles from Perpignanw with one train change in Narbonne, as shown bellow:

Perpignan Sa, 02.07.11 ab 19:02 RE 76110 Regional-Express
Narbonne Sa, 02.07.11 an 19:45

Narbonne Sa, 02.07.11 ab 20:06 4664 Schnellzug
Arles Sa, 02.07.11 an 21:56

Arles Sa, 02.07.11 ab 23:41 NZ 4394 (CLuena but from Nice to Strasbourg)
Strasbourg So, 03.07.11 an 08:31

Lordmwa @ 15-05-2011 23:15

They are only releasing details a week or so in advance at the moment.

We are travelling on the Toulouse to Geneva service on the 19th June and it isnt out yet. There is a timetable somewhere though showing the days its meant to be running (not all) and the expeceted times

Lordmwa @ 29-05-2011 17:11

Saga continuation......

This is the latest information on the DB website. I guess they will be releasing more cause i cant see it not running between 10th June and 27th August?

not every day, 29. May, 5., 10. Jun, 27. Aug, 3. Sep

Flo @ 30-05-2011 10:16

Maybe search for other dates than those mentioned too. The database used by DB (and others) often shows the same train multiple times with different days of operation (due to minor differences in timings).

martinjefferies @ 18-06-2011 18:59

Hi everyone,
I wondered if I could get some help?!
I'm trying to check times for the Lunea train from Perpignan to Paris for travel on the 29th Sep 2014 but I cannot find them anywhere.
The train appears to be running the week before - and is listed again from the middle of September.
Does anyone know why this might be?!

Hetman @ 18-06-2011 21:54

die bahn says but this train does not this day BUT on website of SNCF this train exist so I would believe in SNCF.

you can go to this site: and check the itinerary (to generate a PDF file with hours, etc...)

niki_02 @ 11-02-2013 15:22

You should update the prices of the supplements to IR pass. It is 18 euro for a seat and 25 euro for a couchette now.

Flo @ 11-02-2013 19:37


nltrainer @ 12-02-2013 07:43

maybe, peut-etre, vielleicht-do you speak this beautiful language of the most egoist people (this morning again a load of overloud wake-ups from there,uch). UN may mean anything- it does not has to mean that splmt forfait like is available for TGV.
EIN Zusclag- soll nicht heissen Die/Den Zuschlag. Aber es waere selbstvrstdl nett wenn es ja waehre.

TTKunt @ 30-06-2014 13:33

We are planning to go from paris to barcelona therefore we will use lunea from paris to portbou.Due to it is nigt train we assume that we have to make a reservation(We see this information over internet so we don't know is that true or not).

Also we assume that in the summer, there may not any seat to make a reservation after we arrive paris( we just stay at paris for 2 and half days.) Therefore we decide to make an online reservation. However when we are trying a reservartion from we encounter with one problem. We found two reservation price for interrail pass holders but which one is for us we don't know.

Ultimately, is Our way true?

Thank you.

Flo @ 30-06-2014 14:26


Please use the railcc affiliate link for your booking: - thank you.
Reservation for night trains in France is compulsory; both reservations are correct, one is for a couchette, the other for a reclining seat.

Flo 😎

TTKunt @ 30-06-2014 14:47

Thank for your reply !

Actually, I try to use railcc but even if there is a one train from paris to port bou rail dude icannot find it. If you can solve this problem I will make my reservations from your website 🙂

Thank you!

Flo @ 30-06-2014 15:14

From what site is the above screenshot?

Did you use the link?

TTKunt @ 30-06-2014 16:11

When I click it automatically goes to RE web site 😢

Pete @ 30-06-2014 19:01

Now the link should work from Turkey and you can book via the European voyages-sncf website.
Peter 🙂

TTKunt @ 02-07-2014 02:43

Thank you Peter. When I select a UK as a country reservation comes however when I select other EU countries there is no option like that.
Therefore, I try smth. like that and I select abonnement forfait 2e classe and the price downs from 72€ to 3€ 🤣

However I cannot understand one thing. After I purchase this ticket will I do anything more at the Paris station or anywhere? or just catch the port bou train at paris station?

Also what I gonna select at this page 🙂

Flo @ 02-07-2014 09:30

It should work if you click on train > book your train ticket after you click on
Then enter your travel details and select InterRail in the season ticket ccheckbox.

Regarding the abo forfait, well you could select any of the three options. Anyway I would not recommend to use retrieval at a french station as they then maybe want to see your actual abo forfait.

TTKunt @ 02-07-2014 11:49

Yeah, but if you select other countries there is no option for interrail pass.
Also when I try from your link, it redirected me to german version however the cost of ticket comes 21.40€ and it is also so expensive.

If I purchase with abonnement forfait 2e classe (it is just a 2€ 🤣 ), will I gonna just catch the train? or is there other steps?

Thank you.

Flo @ 02-07-2014 13:09

There is also the option InterRail if you follow the steps I explained above.

Regarding Abo Forfait there is plenty of information in the relevant thread in the forum .

TTKunt @ 03-07-2014 01:56

Ultimately I solve my problems. Thank you very much flow 🙂 I don't expect any question from you however if you think to come Turkey and if you have a question about travel you can ask what you want 🙂

Flo @ 03-07-2014 08:27

No problem, I'd only like to remind you that it would be just fair to buy your InterRail tickets off - thank you.

TTKunt @ 12-07-2014 14:05

I will make a res. but after I make a res., how am I gonna use it?
will I print the informations ? or will I show smth. to staff at the station?

generally, am I gonna do anything or just catch the train?

Pete @ 13-07-2014 06:11

Try - it depends on how long in advance you buy it, you have several options. Sending by letter to you or pick up at a machine in a French station.
To support the free information and the forum on railcc, please be fair and buy your official Interrail pass via our railcc partner link:
Thank you! 🙂
Peter 🙂

TTKunt @ 14-07-2014 21:18

Yeah definitely I ll purchase from railcc ! But I was curious about making res. from online.

According to your reply before I catch the train I will pick up at the Paris station right?

Thank you 🙂

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