Lonely Planet or Rough Guide Books...?

loucia89 @ 19-03-2008 12:13

hey guys..
i m planning an interrail trip this summer for 22 days..
i want to buy a a guide and i dont know which is the best one since its my first time going on interrail..
first should i buy a guide for hole europe or should i buy two for example one for western and one for central europe??
for europe i found two. the Europe on a shoestring from lonely planet
and Europe on a budget from THE ROUGH GUIDES books..
dont know which one to buy..
and at last..the book europe on a budget i found is for 2008..i want to know if i can find europe on a shoestring updated for 2008 and whether i have to wait till the new version of it is published or if it is already published updated..thanks in advance..!!xxxxxx

UPDATE travel books: https://rail.cc/en/information


admin @ 19-03-2008 17:31

i usually go for the lonely planet books, they dont seem to miss anything out, i find the layout much more helpful as well. i'm pretty sure there was a lonely planet europe book released last year, that will surely be fresh enough to use.

spainlover @ 22-04-2008 14:53


The Rough Guide came out on 3rd March, I think that makes it a bit more recent than the Lonely Planet.
I think it depends how many countries you are planning to visit and the depth you are going to go into, ie just a couple of towns/cities per country, or a longer stay, as to whether a whole Europe guide or two or more separate ones is better. If you're travelling for a long time you might not want to be weighed down by too many books, so you could always get one and do additional internet research.
The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget is shorter than the Lonely Planet Shoestring guide, but it misses out some countries that are less common choices. It was also written by young people for young people, I have a copy that I'm planning to use this summer and think it looks pretty good.
Enjoy your trip!

admin @ 22-04-2008 16:06

Hi there,

I bought Lonely Planet Western Europe in 2000 and found that, although the prices are probably wrong even at the time of printing, there is much info that I still find useful, on what to see and do and how to get to places.

I lugged this rather large and heavy volume with me on my first Interrail but since then have photocopied sections as required. I think you can get some free info from their website but to see detailed and up-to-date stuff have to subscribe online. Have a most excellent trip.


Pete @ 14-05-2008 08:45

hi ...

the new updated version of the Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring Travel Guide will be published in autumn 2009. So for this summer you have to use the version available right now.

But in generally it is no problem. If you are jumping from one big city to an other, it is nice to have such a book with you to get a first impression, what to see or not. For details like the best pubs, the best locations to go out at night and so on, you just ask at the hostel you sleep. They are always up to date and know where to go and where not.
To find a good hostel either plan it in advance before you start or you ask other travelers you meet and search for your next city the hostels via internet (most hostels have free internet access and you often meet people there searching for their next hostel)... 🙂

About the Rough Guides series... also good (no one is perfect) and useful. But I personally prefer LP - don't know why... 😉

have fun,

bumchicken @ 28-05-2008 12:13

Do both Lonely Planet and Rough Guide travel guides have info bus routes?

SiDUDe @ 28-05-2008 13:58

They both do

irinaB @ 04-01-2011 17:00

I had a Lonely Planet New York and found it very bad. I dont know why, but I really didnt like it. I liked the Eyewittness series a lot more. But they are bloody expensive. I like it when it's got a lot of colourful pictures, so you know what they are writing about, etc. And good maps are important. I remember this Lonely Planet one had really crappy maps of NY and the descriptions of the places were kinda, yeah. whatever. I am not interested in hotels, bars, club reviews THAT much. Im more interested in information about sights and places to see, if you see what I mean.

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