LISBON (Lisboa) - MADRID - train / bus

Pete @ 28-03-2008 12:51

LISBON (Lisboa) - MADRID: Train Hotel Lusitania, day train or BUS
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Lisbon (Portugal) to Madrid (Spain).

There is one direct overnight train from Lisbon to Madrid:

The day train was withdrawn.

👉 How to buy online tickets for this route: the ticket for the night train is available at or the Renfe website.

More information and schedules:
Lisbon - Madrid:
Madrid - Lisbon:

BUS: if you want to travel by bus, have a look on the following website. The one-way fare is about EUR 45:

Update: Nov 2016

sophietiler @ 28-03-2010 21:18

hi, could you please help me where can i book a seat for this overnight train? i couldn't find a proper webpage about the prices and booking, and actually anywhere else i found that there are no seats on this train only couchettes or cabins, are you sure that there are seats too? since i will be travelling with my boyfriend i wouldn't want to be separated from him and sleep in a couchette with strangers and also it's a little expensive so it would be really important for us to know whether there are seats or not. thanks a lot 🙂

Flo @ 28-03-2010 21:26

There are reclining seats available, like we've listed it. 🙂
Apart from agencies who will charge you a booking fee (probably at least as much as the actual reservation would cost) I dont know any online possiblity to get a reservation. You will have to get it at a railway station - no problem to do so in Spain or Portugal...but it is possible in other bigger railway stations in mainland Europe as well.

Flo 😎

sophietiler @ 29-03-2010 21:27

thank you very much for the quick answer, this really helped us a lot!!!! 🙂

Flo @ 29-03-2010 22:39

No problem - if you have any further questions, just ask. 🙂

marko90 @ 07-06-2011 09:30

I've been looking everywhere but cannot find this info:
Can I travel on nighttrains San sebastian - Coimbra (Irun - Lisbon) and Lisbon - Madrid with Portugal OneCountry pass?
Thanks for the answer!

Flo @ 07-06-2011 09:41


As far as I know it is possible to use only Lusitania (Lisboa - Madrid) with InterRail One Country Passes for Portugal or Spain but you will have to pay more for the reservation than with a Global Pass:


Seat 23,30€
4 bed sleeper 38,80€

For Surex I did not find a special tariff for One Country Passes so I believe you will need to get an extra ticket for the Spanish part.

Flo 😎

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