Issue about first day of validity: 5 days in 10 ticket

andreas00032 @ 21-07-2008 23:51

Hello everybody,

I just wondered if some of the more experienced interrailers might give me some advice on this issue I have. I would be very grateful for any help you could give me!

I recently bought a 5 in 10 days global Pass in France (thinking I would start my journey there), almost one month in advance. I had to put in the dates for my ten travel days.

The problem is, that before the first day of travel, I had to move back to Germany (the country which is marked on my ticket). My travel days were delayed for personal reasons. But as I wasn't in France any more, i could not make any changements in the dates of my ticket (you only can return or modify your ticket at the station where you bought it), as german train clerks wouldn't make any changements to the ticket.

If i stick to the existing ticket, I would lose 4 of my 10 days of travel, just because I couldn't return my ticket as I am 1000 km away.
So I wondered if I could change the dates myself, just putting in the first day i would actually travel, which would also figure on the last page of my ticket, and explain the situation to the conductor.

- How risky do you think is this? I am not intending to cheat, just to get the real value out of my ticket.
- did some of you have to deal with similar issues? and how did you do it?

I hope my explanation is clear enough, for you to understand the situation. Your help would be really greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and good travel to all of you!


Pete @ 22-07-2008 09:36

hi Andreas ... 🙂
normally the 5 travel-days within a period of 10 days ticket is like this that you only fill in (or it is filled in when buying the ticket online) the day your ticket starts (=the first day it is valid). the 5 travel days you have to fill in during your to so that you stay flexible.
as I understood it right, you want to change your date when the ticket starts?
then you have the problem that you can do it only at the place where you bought it. you can also try it somewhere at a station in France.
but then it is always the best to have bought it online - then you just could send it back and get it replaced very easily:
I hope this answer helps you a little bit...
all the best, Peter 🙂

andreas00032 @ 22-07-2008 10:19

Hy Peter,

Thank you very much for your quick reply!

Yes, actually I want to change the starting day of my ticket. I didn't know that I could fill in the starting day at the real beginning of my travel. And actually the clerk who delivered the ticket didn't really know how to handle it (she didn't deliver any interrail passes in the last 3 years...), so I think it was all messed up a bit.

Anyway, I think I'll just change the dates myself, hoping that the conductor won't make a story out of this.

If anyone has other suggestions or ideas I'd be glad to hear them!


Pete @ 22-07-2008 11:27

hej Andreas ...
this is often the problem... for most rail staff the interrail ticket is something e😵tic ... 😉
and not to have a misunderstanding: if you change the starting day (the first day the ticket is valid) on your ticket, you might get problems! I only wanted to talk about your 5 travel-days...

andreas00032 @ 22-07-2008 12:09

yes it really is e😵tic.

Just to give you an idea about how messed up my ticket already is: the clerk even forgot to fill out the references regarding my ID and country, which I had to fill out myself when I saw it later. As for now, on my ticket, two different handwritings already appear, and I have a little apprehension how this might be seen by the conductor 😐

so maybe a little change in the dates of validity might just be overlooked 😉

Pete @ 22-07-2008 12:52

oh wow wow wow ... 😉
if it is like that, I will start tomorrow with selling InterRail tickets painted by my little sister !! 😉
have fun on your tour !! Peter 🙂

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