Is this ticket an actual joke!!!!????

buchygod1 @ 26-07-2008 14:38

Hey hey.

Just one quick question, which is thus; is this wafer thin 'easily destroyed' piece of paper I have just received through the post actually my interrail ticket. The ticket that I will have to carry and keep safe for an entire month of travel. Please tell me it is just a preliminary ticket, and a real, laminated, beer proof photo baring 'interrail pass' will be exchanged at the first station I arrive at.

It's only 3 nanometers thick, without exaggeration.

All my love,


Pete @ 27-07-2008 09:03

hej ...
in deed ... it is only a piece of paper... 🙂
but be sure... the paper will survive the month of travel. but pay attention to your baby and handel with care...
sorry for this but I can't change it... it is the idea of the rail companies... 😉
have fun on your tour, Peter 🙂

buchygod1 @ 27-07-2008 12:06

Thank you for a quick response Pete mate, love the name by the way.

Have you got any tips on keeping it in one piece and what would happen if I accidentally on purpose pour beer on one of my fellow travelers because he disagreed with me about something, and it were to get damaged. Is beer damage covered in the ticket protection scheme thing and would I liable for any kind of court proceedings.

Cheers in advance



hni @ 27-07-2008 12:28

I, for one, plan to keep the ticket and other important documents in a hard-plastic document folder. This should be beertight and avoid wear and tear. This makes it too big to stuff in a pocket, but should be worth it.

Pete @ 29-07-2008 12:01

yes ... do it like hni said ... 🙂
and in case of an beer-accident, ask at the station to get it replaced ... if you meet nice staff, they will do it !! 🙂

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