Is this Interrail route doable ?

JEMM @ 18-07-2008 09:34

Hi again!

I am planning to start my trip in August but i am not sure if we can get to all these cities and stay the minimum days recommended.

We are planning this route

Madrid - Nice - Milan - Florence - Venice- Ljubliana - Zagreb - Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna - Salzburg - Zurich - Paris - Madrid.

We have a 22 day pass. If you have some suggestions we would aprecciate it, regarding these cities and the number of days in each one of them.

Thanks and enjoy all your trips 🤣

JEMM @ 20-07-2008 22:26

I really needed some feedback please

Pete @ 21-07-2008 09:04

hej ... these are nice cities ... but I think a bit too much ... as you only have 22 days and 12 cities you want to visit... it will be a lot of stress!! cut off two cities and it will be much more fun (for example Venice - too much tourists).
Peter 🙂

JEMM @ 21-07-2008 11:46

I know i have to cut two cities. But we don't know which ones. Venice Florence and Milan is out of question because we are very curious about Italy. Do you have any other suggestions? I really don't know about Bratislava, but i don't know anything about the city

Pete @ 21-07-2008 11:55

if you want to cut off two cities reflect about Salzburg (nice town ... but ... okay ... not soo big) and like you said Bratislava - because there it is nice to have someone who knows the nice and cool bars outside of the main tourist area... 🙂

JEMM @ 21-07-2008 14:07

Thanks. That was what i had in mind.

Enjoy your trips

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