IRLAND: train supplements

pp @ 17-07-2006 00:18


I would like to go to Ireland and travel through this country with interrail ticket.
Can I ask you, are there any supplements in Ireland, when I want go by (for example) Intercity train?

Thank you very much.

Pete @ 22-01-2007 12:04

hey hey... 🙂
as much as I know: there are no supplements 🙂

admin @ 22-01-2007 13:33

i liev with 4 irish people, and they say that the train system in Ireland is poor to non-existant. just a warning!

Mickeh @ 08-03-2008 22:47

There are no train suplements that i know of.

Ireland is a small country with really only 3 major cities. Dubin, Belfast and Cork.

Dublin is central and all the train networks go to dublin. If you wanna hit the medium sized towns and the 3 cities the rail network should be ok.

A lot of people come to ireland to see the west, the best bet would be to get a train from Dublin to Sligo.

Dubin to sligo - About 2 hours by train.
Dublin to Belfast - Around the same.
Dublin to Cork - Just under 3 hours but there's some nice scenery along the way. 🙂

I know this is a year old but its good to have the info up. 😉

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