Irish or British.

roland of gilead @ 07-01-2009 16:48

I have an Irish passport but reside in N Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom.
Can I apply for and use an Irish Inter Rail card for travel in the rest of the UK?
Regards.....Roland. :P

Pete @ 07-01-2009 17:16

hej Roland ... 🙂
you have to buy an UK InterRail Pass... as Northern-Ireland belongs if you have a look on the political borders... so you also should have a British passport... isn't it ??
and when the train staff checks your InterRail pass during your travels and see an Rep. of Ireland InterRail Pass together with an UK Passport they know that something is wrong ... and your InterRail ticket won't be valid anymore... 😶
I hope this answer will help you ... if there are special IDcards or passports for Northern-Ireland, let me know... I have only a German passport... and don't know all the details... 😉
Peter 🙂

SiDUDe @ 07-01-2009 19:20

but he has an irish passport? which means it is ok? bastard...

Pete @ 08-01-2009 07:07

with an Irish passport, he/you can buy an Irish InterRail Pass...! 🙂

roland of gilead @ 08-01-2009 13:47

Hello Peter,
Thanks for the reply.Although I live in the UK (N.Ireland)I can choose to either have a British or Irish passport or both if I so desire.
I Have an Irish passport and intend to use the Irish Inter Rail ticket.
Kind regards.............Roland. 🙂

Thanks for the input.
Cheers...........Roland. :P

Pete @ 08-01-2009 14:16

ohh... interesting to know !! 🙂
so the Irish version will be the better one for you !! 😉
have fun, Peter 🙂

zelda @ 13-01-2009 15:40


Im also from Northern Ireland and can use an Irish passport or Brittish. Would it be cheaper to get the Irish IR pass and buy it in euros as I think it would work out cheaper than buying it in sterling.


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