Interrailing Italy and Eastern Europe

melusine92 @ 28-06-2008 16:00

Hi everybody!!

I would like to interrail from the 5th to the 16th of July maximum ( departing from my country, France). Can you tell me if my (ambitious) plans are realistic?

5.07.2008 PARIS : train at 7h42am - arrival in MILANO CENTRALE at 2.50 PM ( night in milan)

6.07.2008 MILANO CENTRALE-ROMA TERMINI train at 11H20PM, arrival at rome 7h15AM

7.07.2008 ROME (night in rome)

8.07.2008 ROMA TERMINI- VENEZIA SANTA LUCIA (visits all day long and then train at 00h47AM, arrival in Venice at 9h26AM)

9.07.2008 VENEZIA SANTA LUCIA ( night in Venice)

10.07.2008 VENISE LJUBLANA : train at 8h46AM, arrival at 5h42PM in Ljublana

11.07.2008 LJUBLANA (visits all day long and night in Ljublana)

12.07.2008 LJUBLANA - ZAGREB KLARA train at 6h15AM, arrival at 10h59 AM at Zagreb ( visits the afternoon and night in Zagreb)

13.07.2008 ZAGREB KLARA - BUDAPEST KELETI PU, train at 6h13AM, arrival at 2h58PM at Budapest ( visits the afternoon and night in Budapest)

14.07.2008 BUDAPEST KELETI PU - BRATISLAVA PETRZALKA : train at 7h10AM, arrival at 10h10AM in Bratislava ( visits and nights in Bratislava)

15.07.2008 BRATISLAVA - WIEN Westbahnhof : train at 9 AM, arrival at 9h58 AM in Wien+ visits all day

15.07.2008 WIEN Westbahnhof -GENEVA : night train :9h25 PM -9h25 AM

16.07.2008 GENEVE -PARIS

>> Here is the plan ! Do you think it's feasible?

As i'm a first-timer, I've got few questions more for you:
- How do we reserve the trains and how to pay the supplements for the night trains?
-How to get some discounts on tickets for additional countries ? For example, the first day to go to Milan from paris, I found an expensive ticket ( 95e). How can I get a discount for France (single and return) as I bought a pass?
- Finally, as there are 7 countries in my route, do you think I should by a 5-country pass or a 10 one?

Thank you very much for your help, it's greatly appreciated!!! 😉 ))
Cheers and see you on the roads!

Pete @ 01-07-2008 15:28

it is a hard tour ... personally I prefer to stay not only one day in a city as you will only see the typical tourist places and not the nice bars and corners to relax ... also a day on the beach just to sleep and get some water and sun is also something nice ... otherwise you are dead after such a tour !! 😉

and the answers to your questions:
- to find informations about how to get the reservations just:
- to book night trains the best is to do it at a station
- to get a reduced ticket from your country of residence (France) to the Italian border, go to a big station and buy it there.
- you can't buy a 5 or 10 country pass... there are only ONE country passes or GLOBAL passes available. for your tour the best is to buy a global InterRail pass ... the cheapest way when crossing 7 countries!! 🙂

all the best and have fun,

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