Interrailing for more than one month ?

james89 @ 29-04-2008 12:29


Im gonna be travelling around europe for 3 months and buying a global pass interrail ticket before i go.

When it runs out an i buy other interrail tickets along the wayat train stations? If so does it have to be a major staion at a capital city for example or are they widely availble?

Any help would be much appreciated 😁

Thanks 🤣

Pete @ 29-04-2008 12:53

Hi James...

There are two possibilities:

1) you buy 3 x Global InterRail Passes at once for example via ... then I recommend you to have a look as well on the Ticket Protection Plan PLUS. Then your tickets are refunded if you lose them or if they get stolen!! Not a bad idea when travelling 3 months. 🙂

2) you buy your ticket at a main station in bigger cities. but be sure to speak the language of the country as in some European countries they are not friendly and don't like to speak English. 😉
and pay attention that you get an English InterRail Pass as you are an English citizen - as sometimes the staff don't really know the rules of an InterRail ticket. this is my personal experience... 🙂

I hope this answer will help you!?
Have fun and all the best on your tour,

james89 @ 29-04-2008 19:35

Thanks for the help, would you recommend one way or the other?

Pete @ 30-04-2008 08:11

my personal opinion:

do it like way number (1) ... it is easy and save and you will get the tickets without any problems !!

by the way... you can buy your tickets up to three months in advance.
so if your last of the three ticket starts the 15th September, you can order this (or then all three tickets) on the 15th June.
you get your tickets send by postal service within 1-2 days when living in the UK (but better order it earlier, as you never know if the postal service is in bad mood *joking*).

I hope this answer helps you !!?? 🙂

have fun ... and sun as it seems that spring is just starting in Central Europe !! 🤣

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