Interrailing Eastern Europe

theoriginalh @ 08-02-2008 19:20


I'm thinking of going for a trip for about three weeks this summer and want to get a good look at Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Hungary Croatia etc.). I'm very conscious of trying to be too ambitious though in terms of trying to see too much so I wondered if anyone could recommend a good route or itinerary which would take about 3 weeks (This will be my first time on inter rail). Any advice though on where (or where not!) to go would be very appreciated though.


admin @ 09-02-2008 03:08

I'd recommend Prague and Krakow from which you can do a day visit to Auschwitz. You can travel overnight between Prague and Krakow and both are great-looking and cheapish. If you can make your journeys all on night trains then you won't waste any days sitting on trains. I'd also recommend two nights in each place that you go to. That will give you 3 days exploring each and you can recover from the night trains.

Many Interrailers fly, with a budget airline, to a good starting destination and take some days there before the pass becomes valid and then take some more days in the place where the pass ends. I've Interrailed 3 times and I'll be doing it again this year. There are always more places to go to.

Have a great trip.


Pete @ 11-02-2008 08:41

If you have the time and some extra money (as it is not included in the InterRail ticket), visit Lithuania (reach it via Poland) ...
Vilnius is nice and of course the sea near Klaiped...! 🙂
300km by train = 10 EUR ... very cheap ...!

theoriginalh @ 21-02-2008 14:27

Thanks very much for your help guys. Some good tips there. Any input from anybody else would be welcome though nonetheless.


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