Interrail - Woman travelling alone ?

animaidi @ 27-08-2006 15:46

hi, i'm going to do a long journey around europe and most of the time i'll be on my own. i find that sometimes is better as i can do whatever i want and look whatever i want. but i would like to know if you happen to know some good tips for me!!

i'm 19, i'm argentinian. i like culture and literature and i never go out at night on my own. you can say i'm very responsible and mature!!

but it's always good to know what places to avoid in europe!!!

i'm doing: paris, amsterdam, berlin, warsaw, prague, vienna, budapest, venice, florence, rome, athens and some greek islands (the most quite and beatifuls)

thank you so much!!!

CodeMaster @ 27-08-2006 18:22

hmm... I can't understand why wouldn't you buy a global InterRail ticket?
It's better - anyway, you'll be able to travel for free in all these countries...

Just read the website (preparation-security)... If You're reasonable, nothing will happen to you!

I'll do InterRailing Germany-Switzerland-Italy-Austria 14th-29th of October, so if you wish, You can join me, always welcome 🙂

You'll find my schedule on my website..

loipon123 @ 28-08-2006 20:08

Dear animaidi, as Code Master said before me the web site is a good start for you. A few words for the cities I've been to.
Paris is a vast city, you can easily get lost and I also didn't find many people that speaked english. French people are generally very polite though so you'll get through.
Amsterdam on the other hand is much smaller and a kind of darker city. I love Amsterdam a lot but for a person that doesn't go out at night a lot I would suggest that you should be careful... The dutch are very tolerate and open to new ideas. Amsterdam [and Berlin as well] have get parties and places to go!
Vienna is one of my favourite! Small, clean with a lot of monuments, palaces and parks. Crime rates are very low and the city is usually very safe.
Venice, Florence: Great architecture and a lot of art! A must-see for the lovers of the good arts
Rome: The city is a big museum. Everywhere you go there is some ancient or medevial monument to see. A lot of tourists! Don't forget to see Vatican City museum is a must-see for the ones that like art.
Athens is my city so I recommend it! Besides Omonoia Square [the central square of Athens] where many junkies gather, all the other places are safe day and night. As for history, I think you know everything from school 🙂 . Greeks like to party a lot, sleep very late at night, and almost everybody up to the age of 30 speaks good english [older people are having trouble with english]. The greek islands are a heaven on earth, but are numerous so you need to pick wisely where to go to [you can ask for info if you wish.
Sorry for writing so much! have a nice trip, and for the number of cities you want to see you need a lot of time! See you..

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