Interrail: winter in Scandinavia

RwO @ 22-09-2008 09:35

I'm planning a 9 days trip in december-january.
It should be something like this
Arriving by plane in Dortmund
1. Dortmund- then in the evning leaving for Amsterdam (IC, ICE)
2.Leaving Amsterdam -Hamburg-Coppenhagen (next day in the morning)(regios then ferry then regios)
3.stay in Coppenhagen
4 Coppenhagen then in the evening leaving for Stockholm, maybe via Goteborg (regios then X2000)
5. Stockholm arriving in the Morning
6. Stockholm(31 december)
7. Stockholm(new year's day 😲 ) then leaving in the evening for Denmark(night train)
8.Denmark-Germany (Hamburg) and in the evening with CNL leaving for Munich
9. Leaving Munich in the morning heading to Pisa via Milano or Verona (transit only)(wia Switzerland maybe)
10.From Pisa flight back home

It should work with a 5 days global pass, right?
Any tips?

Pete @ 22-09-2008 20:07

I calculated as well 5 travel days... if you have the exact times, we will calculate again. 🙂
for information about the night trains, have a look at the country topics here in the forum .
Peter 🙂

RwO @ 22-09-2008 20:20

Don't have the exact times just yet, cause the train schedules should change in december, but I have an ideea so far. I'll try to avoid the X200 in Sweden maybe manage to get a combination of regios from Malmo/Goteborg to Stockholm, but I'll definitely take the night train from Stockholm to Copenhagen and the next night from Hamburg to Munich (CNL) or maybe Hamburg -Basel, though I'll try to avoid that cause from Basel to Italy I'll have to use Cisalpino which costs extra.

Pete @ 22-09-2008 20:35

For reservations (supplements) of night trains and X2000 have a look at this topic... you can get the exact fares there and even buy them:

For the CNL:


RwO @ 23-09-2008 11:56

Here's another ideea.
Day 8. Arriving in Hamburg by noon, then in the evening ICE to Basel (much more cheaper then CNL)
Day9. Early morning Basel-Zurich then EC175 from Zurich to Pisa (reservation shouldn't be very expensive).
Day 10 early morning flight home.
This sounds a bit better then using CNL to Munich, right?

Pete @ 24-09-2008 12:37

yeah... sounds better... 🙂
but then you need a bed in Basel... and have to pay the hostel ... depends on you... on a CNL you get a bed for 10-15 EUR ... otherwise you can go out at night in Basel! also not too bad! 😉

RwO @ 08-11-2008 12:56

Lokks like there are no more night trains between Kobenhavn and Stockholm,so i must find another way to leave Kobenhavn on 30.12 in the evening and get to Stockholm on 31.12 in the mornig and then leave Stockholm in the evening on 01.01 and get to Kobenhavn in the morning on 02.01. Any ideeas?

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