Interrail: where should we go ?

alexo @ 07-02-2009 12:25

hi there
im new to this but have always wanted to travel...but it needs to be cheap and i will need to start from spain,
i dont understand how this works but whats an easy,cheap route?? and is there a pos that i can stay in some places and work or do i just visit....any help would be muchly appreciated,thanx x

Pete @ 07-02-2009 13:02

hej hej Ale😵 ...
here is the way of how to use InterRail... 🙂

InterRail is just a normal train ticket which allows you to travel nearly all (30) European countries. a list of these countries is here:

select the time you want to travel (number of days) and if you only want to travel ONE country or more than one. for ONE country travels there is the InterRail ONE Country Pass.
when traveling three or more countries in most cases the best and cheapest solution is a GLOBAL InterRail Pass.
details on the link mentioned above.

and then you are free and flexible. travel whenever and wherever you want. make your own travel itinerary. select the cities or places you want to visit.
if you planed your route, go on this link to find train schedules:

pay attention as on some trains you need a supplement:

but you will always find trains without supplements.

for a bed in a night train you have to pay as well sometimes a small supplement - not more expensive than a night in a hostel:

and pay attention as you do not travel for free in your country of residence, you only get discounted tickets:

to buy the official InterRail ticket, go on and order it online. you will receive it by secure mail !!

and for a cheap route: avoid the big tourist places, the big cities. also have a look on to find cheap places to sleep...

all the best, Peter 🙂

Hetman @ 07-02-2009 13:42

first tell us where have you been yet, how old are you, how many you can spend, how many days you will have because without these information it's impossible to give you some piece of advice.

alexo @ 07-02-2009 21:52

firstly thanx peter sure there will be more questions for you... :P 😐
i am 20 my partner is 35 and i have been to eng,spain,greece,prague and estonia
but my partner has not been to greece so thats a must... money not sure but least as pos...and i can go as long as needed and wanted...but i would like to work in some countries too?

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