Interrail virgin: help appreciated !

Julia_Newcastle @ 20-04-2008 12:14

I'm planning to go away with my boyfriend for one month in the summer around Europe and take in as many places as possible. We've decided to stick to main cities, just to make it easier to travel to and from them, and so we can see the main sights. 🤣

Ideally I would like to see the following but think I'm being far too ambitious! Any help would be great, has anyone done anything similar that they could advise me on? Especially trains etc. I'm happy doing overnighters cos it looks like theres a lot of miles to cover!........

Germany- Berlin
Poland- Krakow, Auschwitz
Austria- Salzberg
Croatia- not sure yet!
Italy- Rome, Venice
Greece- Athens (think it might be a bit adventurous cos its quite out of the way!)

Is there any way to fit in Northern Europe like Norway, Sweden, Finland?? Sorry I sound like I've done no research but I'm just overwhelmed with all the information on the internet and don't know where to go!

Anyway, if anyone can give me any tips or advice, they would be a lifesaver!


Julia 🙂

Nikolai @ 24-04-2008 23:50

It's easy to start your tour from Newcastle. DFDS Seaways give discount on their Newcastle-Stavanger (Norway) and Newcastle-Amsterdam routes. If you are able to squeeze in some Scandinavia, there is a night train from Stavanger to Oslo, then another one Oslo-Malmö. I suggest you to stop at Gothenburg, that city is nice. From Malmö you can take one more night train to Berlin. Berlin Night Express fares are cheap for holders of IR etc. passes. DFDS Seaways Railpass fares Berlin Night Express

Julia_Newcastle @ 25-04-2008 11:05


Thanks for the replies nikolai and fede! My boyfriend now can't get the time off work so I'm going by myself 😢 Should be an experience! I've narrowed it down, so think this is my final route.....

Newcastle to Amsterdam- ferry
Amsterdam to Berlin- trian
Berlin to Krakow, spend a day at Auschwitz- train
Krakow to Slovakia- train
Slovakia to Budapest- train
Budapest to Zagreb- train
Zagreb to Salzberg- train
Salzberg to Rome- train
Rome to Geneva- train
Geneva to Newcastle- flight

If I'm going alone do you think its best to book hostels before I go? And some of the trains? I'm just worried that I'll be stranded somewhere!

And does that mean I need the global pass for 1 month with 10 days travelling?

Thanks again!!


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