paro7 @ 11-03-2009 20:18

I have 2 questions , I'm planning to travel in June with 22 days pass so :

1) is this pass means that we can travel in any train we want and so many times we want?

2) We are confused about suplements (how much it costs) so can someone tell me how much they costs on this rutes :
Venezia-milan - day train
milan-barcelona - night train,but NOT direct (we want cheaper one 🙂
barcelona-madrid -day
madrid-porto - night
toulouse-paris - night
paris-amsterdam - day

I don't need exact price but similar so that we now how much money we need. This seems so complicated now ,and we are very confused with all those suplements. And yes, we want just seat, not beds in night train..

Thanks 🤣

SiDUDe @ 11-03-2009 20:27

ill so the 2 i know off the top of my head for now, most of the information is on the forum if you look around for it

Venice to milan is free on normal (ie not ES) trains
paris to amsterdam is €15 on the Thalys. It is possible to do it not using this train but quite difficult involving a lot of changes.

all the best

respiko @ 12-03-2009 00:35

porto very good choice :P :P

Pete @ 12-03-2009 09:31

1) yes... you can travel as much as you want. except for some special trains (high speed and night trains) you have to pay sometimes a supplement. all are listed here:

2) Use this link to find connections. There you will also find the name of the trains and you can compare it with the list of the supplements.

Venezia - Milan: see SiDUDes answer
Milan - Barcelona: the direct one is the expensive one - the cheap solution is also listed here:
Barcelona - Madrid: (depending on the train you use)
Madrid - Porto: either via Lisbon or the more direct way -
Toulouse - Paris:
Paris - Amsterdam: see SiDUDes answer

and for all this work, buy your ticket via ... 🙂
then you support the railcc project... have a good time, Peter 🙂

paro7 @ 12-03-2009 15:06

thank you very much

I must say this trip to Barcelona is freaking me out 🙂 .
I also have one more question , when will summer schedule be avaliable on the internet ?
Now we can only see train connections until 13.June, but we need these cause of hostel reservations ,and that's still not avaliable 😢 ...

So do you know ?

Pete @ 12-03-2009 16:07

normally the summer schedules are available form the second week in April.
but trains won't change a lot ... maybe a change of some minutes ... but that's it ... so you can count on the trains you can find right now ! 🙂

paro7 @ 22-03-2009 10:21

hej, I need help again...
I'm reading this forum and with every day I'm more confused. SO question is : does global pass for 22 day is valid for EVERY train ? I heard (friend warned me) that some trains do not accept this thicket (for example in Spain),and that i'll have to buy ticket at full price :O .
I am counting only for that suplements, like about 100 euros for this route i wrote, but it seem thaht we could pay 100 euro in only one country 😲 .

Hetman @ 22-03-2009 11:14

IR is valid in ALMOST EVERY train. only private trains don't accept. you have right that in some part of spain are these train(on the north). moreover in some trains you will pay cosmic suplements,i.e.: elipsos(bcn-geneva, bcn-paris, bcn-milano, madrit-paris); eurostar(paris-london, paris-brussels, brussels-london); thalys(amsterdam-paris).

but usualy it's dificult find out these trains(except thalys and eurostar) so DON'T WORRY!! 😉

chelo @ 26-03-2009 18:52

hy, i have question for train from milano to barcelona...i'll probably take this train on saturday/sunday and i saw this train goes through geneva,lyon and toulouse. So i'm asking you is this good solution for this rute or is there any better?

Pete @ 26-03-2009 19:36

hi ...
if you want to do it by night train, then this one is the only one. pay attention, it is expensive. you can do it as well by day train... all information in this topic:

Peter 🙂

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