Interrail: valid for Thai student ?

varinya @ 15-05-2008 00:59

I have the interRail ticket global pass so

Just wondering that when I travel to France, how can I pay for my ticket ?

Pay from the leaving station until which border ?

Also, if im in Venice, Italy and want to come back to Geneva, where I can buy the ticket ? As for my understanding, the InterRail ticket covers until the boarder only so can I buy the ticket on the train when I cross the border already ? I also have the haft fare card, can I use it ?

sorry about my confusing question and thank you in advance.

varinya @ 15-05-2008 01:10

this is my trip itinary, and I am currently staying in Switzerland amd I have InterRail Global Pass 10 days

1-3 Rome
3-4 Florence
4-5 Venice
5-10 Switzerland ( what I understand is I cant use InterRail ticket here right&gt😉
so from Geneva-Paris by TGV (TGV including in the InterRail or not?)

10-12 Paris
12-16 London

Thanks again

Pete @ 15-05-2008 07:35


When you own an InterRail Global Pass, you don't need to buy extra tickets, you just jump into a train and that's it. 🙂
Only if you need a supplement, you can buy it at the station where your train starts (and also at other stations - the cheapest way is to buy supplements in the country where your train starts).
to find out if you need a supplement or not or to avoid trains with supplements, just click here for more information:

Free Interrail travel routes are here:

When crossing borders, just stay in the train. for example a train from France to Italy: if you need a supplement you buy it in France (just tell them at the station that you use train XX from YY to ZZ). and that's it. they sell you all you need. 🙂

And I suppose you bought an Swiss InterRail Ticket as your country of residence is Switzerland?
then you can not travel for free in Switzerland.
So when you travel from Geneva to Paris, ask before at the station for a ticket from Geneva to the French border and tell them that you have an InterRail ticket (you will get 50% discount on it) ...! 🙂

hope that will help you,
have fun,

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