Interrail: Vaccines in Europe

stezbot @ 22-04-2008 00:22

hey i'm just wondering about vaccines for europe

i've got a travel appointment at the uni health centre (my clinic at home won't give me my records) on 9th may but i go travelling 29th may...

going to netherlands, norways, finland, germany, czech rep, hungary, slovenia, italy, switzerland, spain and morocco

i know it's likely i'll need hep B and typhoid and possibly malaria tablets for morocco but with the appointment being so close to the first leg of the journey, i thought i best check if anyone needed anything for those countries so that i can get them straight away in the appointment without the nurses taking their time about everything like usual. i will have had tetanus, TB, MMR and polio/diptheria in school but maybe need booster shots ...

thanks! 😲

SiDUDe @ 22-04-2008 08:47

It depednds what youve already had, but if your from the UK check out, it lists all countries and advises you on immunisations.

admin @ 22-04-2008 12:17

Hi, yeah, you'll obviously need to take precautions against Germs in Germany; Hunger in Hungery and ending-up broke in Switzerland! No, really: only the last one is true. Best regards.


stezbot @ 22-04-2008 13:30

haha, unfortunately no polish jokes there...(if you remember our other off topic conv🧐

thanks, i can make sure the nurses don't con me in to paying for vaccines i don't need.

stezbot @ 10-05-2008 20:25

incase anyone reads this thread again, i had my travel appointment yesterday and there's a very fancy proper nhs site that the nurse used called travax and this article she has.

because i'm travelling a lot (netherlands, norway, finland, germany, czech, hungary, slovenia, italy, switzerland & morocc🧐 there was quite a few i needed to consider. but because the receptionist was an idiot, she booked me in 3 weeks before i leave as she didn't think there was anything needed for europe, only morocco.

i ended up getting hepatitis A & typhoid in one (which was free for all you students looking at this, don't be alarmed!) for eastern countries and morocco. I was also advised for a tick borne/encepahlitis vaccine for forest areas of finland, switzerland and germany in case we camp, but that comes in 2 doses (1 being 28 days after the 1st) so i couldn't get that due to departure date, so i'm looking at how to remove ticks myself incase i get bitten 😵 so if you are going camping in those areas, book your travel appointment well in advance and don't listen to receptionists!

i could've also had hepatitis B for slovenia (not morocco like i thought) but because i'm only there 2-3 days and not hiking so much, it would be a waste of a vaccine, the booster shots and a hard-earned £5!

book in advance/don't listen to receptionists
know where you're going so you can tell nurse
don't be afraid of injections or the symptoms! a sharp scratch...nothing at all, just a bit of a sore arm afterwards

hope this info helps, there was more to consider than i thought

Pete @ 11-05-2008 08:51

thanks for this information ...!!!
I am vaccinated as well against hepatitis A and B ... I think it's useful. 🙂

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