Interrail: two countries of residence

greenzie @ 09-07-2008 13:08


I have lived in germany for 2 years before and about three/four months ago, i moved to the netherlands.
Could I purchase interrail passes now?
If yes, which one is considered to be my residence country (since I haven't lived in the Netherlands for 6 months)?
Another question is are they really strict with this minimum 6-months rule since my friends have residence permit here for a year but lived here for 5 months only.
Thanks for answering.

Pete @ 09-07-2008 13:39

hej ...
they are strict concerning the 6-months rule ... you have to proof it by an official document, for example a visa printed in your passport.
I would say you can buy an Netherlands InterRail Pass (best to ask directly at a station in the Netherlands - as it is very special). and better to get a Netherlands one than a German one as in your country of residence you can not travel for free. so Netherlands are smaller than Germany!! 🙂
and for your friend: wait another month or buy an Eurail pass which is nearly the same like interrail - a bit more expensive.
all the best, Peter 🙂

greenzie @ 09-07-2008 15:45

thanks for the quick and informative response, ill ask them about that.
if you dont mind, i have one more question, my friends came here in early february but only got the residence permit in early march. For this 6 months rule, which one is counted? Thanks again

Pete @ 09-07-2008 16:22

mmmh... the one counts which you can show ... if in the passport of your friend a visa is printed with starting date in February, then you can use this as the start of the 6-months-period. if the visa is printed with a date of March is printed, then your friend has to use the month of March as start of the 6-month-period.
but if your friend is at a university, you can get there official documents which are accepted - documents which shows that your friend is at university since February. hope this will help you, Peter 🙂

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