Interrail travel route from England

Rory Tufano @ 01-09-2008 14:02

OK looking at doing the following route from England and ending up in Barcelona (catching a flight back home from there) on a 30 day Interrail pass from 8 Sep - 8 Oct. Is it viable?

Harwich > Hoek Van Holland > Amsterdam > Berlin > Krakow > Budapest > Wien (Vienna) > Salzburg > Munich > Zurich > Milan > Torino > Geneva > Lyon > Montpellier > Barcelona.

Am I trying to cram too much in? Remember that I do not have to calculate in time to get back to the UK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pete @ 01-09-2008 15:55

only a short reply ... sounds very good and you can do it in one month.
have a look on the night trains (scroll down in the main forum to the country topics). you save to costs for hostels.
for example on Amsterdam-Berlin, Krakow in direction of Budapest ...
all the best, Peter 🙂

Rory Tufano @ 02-09-2008 10:43

If we were to take the option of Inter-Railing it back to England instead of flying do you think we would have time to make our way back to the UK from Barcelona?

Thanks for the Speedy reply!

RobinRailroad @ 02-09-2008 14:11

Surely it'd be cheaper to fly back than interrail the route backwards.

Rory Tufano @ 02-09-2008 15:31

I am only second guessing the flight back because of spiralling plane charges that are tacked onto main prices.

Pete @ 02-09-2008 18:43

I think as well: flying back will be cheaper... not ecological ... but ... money money money... 😉
you save the night trains, supplements for TGV in France and the Eurostar... 🙂

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