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lineheden @ 28-05-2008 20:19

I'm planing to go interrailing this summer and now i got the problem of choosing where to go and worse where not to go. I'm gonna get the 30 day pass so do you think it is a bit to ambitious to go to

Somewhere in South Italy
A Greek island
A nice beach i Croatia

Hope you can help me!

Thomas S @ 28-05-2008 21:07

I think it can be done, depending on the amount of time you want in each city. 2 or 3 nights in each location you've mentioned, and it'll fit - of course, you won't get to the bottom of neither Paris, Rome nor Prague in 3 days, but you'll get a good glimpse and a chance to see the main sights. Use couchettes on longer train rides (like Paris-Venice) and save transportation time.

My personal experience, I'm sure somebody will disagree: If you need to cut something out, think about saving Athens for another time. I visited Rome, and Athens a week after - and Athens was a big letdown. Rome's got pretty much the same kinds of attractions as Athens (archaeology, ruins, amazing museums), but it's immensely more comfortable and beautiful to wander around in; green parks and fountains everywhere, while Athens mainly stood out due to its heavy traffic.

Also, Venice will be packed with tourist in summer, and will be hard on your budget. I heartily recommend Florence, though. 🙂

Another way to cut some time would be to choose Corfu as your greek island - it's a very nice island, large enough to make it possible to escape the hordes of package tourists, and it's located conveniently on the way from Italy to Greece (ferries leave from Bari to Corfu in summer, as well as ferries from Corfu to Piraeus).

lineheden @ 29-05-2008 22:15

Thank you so much for your excellent answer. If you (or others) got any other suggestions for changes for the better, or places you can recomment in the countries i am going to visit i would really appreciate it :P

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