earthfirst @ 19-09-2008 20:19

I can't buy or not a can be very useful, but it is also heavy (about 2 ou 3 kg) and the tent plus the backpack it is a lot of I don't know what to do...what do you think?


redja @ 20-09-2008 08:43

we are taking a pop up tent, but a decent one...about 50euros and not that heavy.
we have found decent and well located campsites in some of the places we are going, so it will save us quite a bit of money over the month...

and its always there should we not find a hotel!

worthwhile in my opinion

earthfirst @ 21-09-2008 11:54

yes, maybe you're right....just in case..


Pete @ 21-09-2008 14:02

my personal experience: if I travel alone, I prefer sleeping in hostels as you always meet people... or I have a small 1,5kg tent with me...
when travelling with two or three persons, it is no problem to split the weight of a 3kg tent. 🙂

Cantarell @ 02-01-2009 14:53

I am also really undecided upon this subject.

I will be going with my boyfriend in June (switzerland+somewhere east and maybe south), and it would be so nice to save some cash along the way by bringing a tent. (I got one anyway, ca 3kg) And, since we are two, we can also split the weight.
But my mother, who did some Interrail when she was young, advises me not to, because there will not be so many opportunities to camp anyway, and things might easier get stolen.
I have understood that many folks here are experienced with Interrail camping, and so I wonder:

1: Are the campsites easy to find, or is it necessary to ask around a lot? And how far are they usually from the train stations?

2: What is the usual charge for one night at a campsite?

3: Do I have to bring a international camping card, or something like that?

4: Anything else a newbie should keep in mind? 😲

Any answers are appreciated!^^

FloChaoZ @ 03-01-2009 10:02

well, the campsites aren't harder to find than the cheap and good hostels. in fact, it's always clever to look it up on the internet where the campsites are. of course, normally they are more outside, so it's quite harder to reach them, but you'll save a lot of money.

the cost depens on the country, the site itselfs and the time you are travelling. in britain, you can find campsites that cost about 5 pounds a night, but also up to 25 or something. it always depens ...

on some campsites, you can save money with camping-cards or something, but if you don't plan to sleep at campsites all the time, i think it's not really neccessary. but have a look in the internet. probably it makes sense for the country you will visit. just look it up in some outdoor-boards.

Pete @ 03-01-2009 10:47

like Flo said ... just have a look at the internet before you arrive at the town you want to camp.
for the big cities I recommend to stay in a hostel as camp-sites are normally far outside of the centre of the twon.
if you want to travel more closer to the sear, stay in smaller towns and villages, a tent can be useful !! 🙂

redja @ 03-01-2009 16:13

is theift really an issue?
we have brought a small 2man tent and plan to use it in lesce bled, austria and then the south of france...would we be able to leave just a bag of clothes there (no valuables) and be worry free?


Pete @ 03-01-2009 18:14

clothes wont be stolen normally ... especially if you place the used and stinky ones at the top... 😉
but never leave some valuables in your tent, especially at the bigger camp sites in Southern Europe ! 🙂

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