Interrail: suggested route wanted

Ian @ 26-09-2007 13:23

A friend at work is planning to have a week's holiday (i.e. nine days) at about the end of October. I've said to him that he should do about three cities, and suggested Cracow-Prague-Berlin as an example. I'm just interested to hear any other suggestions (or reasons why my suggestion has disadvantages, as I'm sure it does), so please let me know any that spring to mind.

pete_stephenson6 @ 05-10-2007 11:11

Hey, three Cities sounds good 4 timing as you can spend just under 3 days per city, allowing you to see the city well. If I could do any three places using the Interrail Ticket I'd probably do Paris - Vienna - Venice, though the Paris to Vienna may take a little while. If you're thinking more towards Eastern Europe and you're in the UK, the Micheal Palin programme on at the moment on I think a Sunday is really good to get a feel for Eastern Europe. I would also say that it is better to go somewhere that you've never been before and explore the places as much as possible.
Hope this is vaguely helpful! 🙂


Ian @ 05-10-2007 11:34

Thanks. I'll pass that on to him. I don't think he wants to go to France as I had previously suggested that, but I'll also suggest Prague-Vienna-Venice. I have unfortunately not been in to see any of the Palin programme (which started on the day I got back), so I might have to get it on D.V.D.

Mummibae @ 08-10-2007 01:24

Think it sounds like a good plan to do only 3 citys since it gives you the chance to get to know it and connect with it.

I personally wouldn't choose to stay in Venice for very long, though. It is a beautiful town, indeed, and it's cool with the cannals and stuff, but there is unbelievably meny tourists, at least so there was when I was there in the begining of September, and I've heard it should be like that always. So, if you're not very fond of bunches of tourist I would suggest you to take just one day in Venice, and instead go see something else.
I personally thought I would stay there for two days (arriving in the morning and leaving again next night), but I left with the nighttrain the same day as I arrived. All the people was simply just driving me crazy.
But it depends on who you are, I guess.

Have a nice trip 🤣

ktrd @ 03-01-2008 14:53

personally i think krakow, prague and berlin are 3 great european cities and would definitly go back to all 3. if he geos to krakow he can go on a day trip to auchwitz too which is a good experience.

Ian @ 03-01-2008 18:54

His trip was in November but he did indeed go to those three cities and had a great time. He went to Auschwitz in the snow and while it was getting dark, which was quite an experience and quite different from my visit there in the sunshine. He unfortunately though didn't have time to go to the Birkenow part, which I would say to anyone is important to see.

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