InterRail: Several One Country Passes vs Global Pass

jjmalc @ 27-03-2008 15:23

Thinking of doing a tour in May time from Krakow - through - Slovakia, Hungary, Coratia, Slovenia, Austria and Czech Rep. Roughly for about 6 weeks.

Clearly global pass is only valid for certain days eg 8 in 22 or something like that. I was thinking it would be more cost effective to buy spearate 1 country passes (4 days travel) for the 5 Countries I am visiting, cost around £220 total. This would also enable me to stagger the start dates of the 1 country passes allonwing me to string it out over the 6 weeks or longer if i wished.

Does anyone know what is the situation with travelling between countries that you have a 1 country pass for? Does crossing the border count as 1 days travel in each country pass - is this even possible to say travel on the train direct from Zagreb to Lujbjana with a 1 country pass for croatia and Slovenia.

Any help would be appreciated - All trvel companies do not seem to have been asked this before even though doing it this way is potentially more flexible in terms of travel days and length of time you can travel.

toucan @ 27-03-2008 15:44

jj malk im planning a similar trip in eastern europe and the advice i have been given from travel companies is that buying several 1 country passes is potentially more flexible than a global or regional pass but its also a bit more complicated so you will need to have a basic route planned in advance of your trip.

when you travel across a border then i think it counts as 1 days travel in each country unless you leave after 1900. if anyone else has any more information or advice for a trip in eastern europe then it would be appreciated!

Pete @ 28-03-2008 13:02


Here is the information you need !! 🙂

1) when crossing borders, you have to use one travel-day on the single-country-passes for each country. so you loose two travel days.
for example: one travel day for Austria, and one travel day for Hungary when traveling from Vienna to Budapest.
and for every country you cross, you have to use one travel-day.

as the single-passes are for single, separated countries ... not global ...

2) for the rule of using night-trains, have a look on this topic:

3) and you are more flexible when traveling more than one month ... but calculate it right ... depends on how many days you will use trains... then a global ticket can be cheaper sometimes... 🙂

have fun,

Miro @ 29-03-2008 09:14

If you do the travel-day-thingy, you could also think of buying two 10 days in 22 days passes... Don't know the exact change rate to pounds, but thats €480,-... A bit more expensive than 220 pounds, but more travel days i guess.

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