Interrail route ending Istanbul

jimmymac87 @ 29-04-2008 21:12


We're planning on going interrailing in the summer with the possible route:



It's an entirely flexible route, all I'm after is finishing in Istanbul. Has anyone any thoughts? I'm looking to get from Bucharest to somewhere then Istanbul, but unsure where. Also, it doesn't have to be Bucharest!

If anyone has been on a similar route, and can recommend, or recommend a better route with different places; please do. Thanks 🤣 🤣

SiDUDe @ 29-04-2008 21:47

well, belgrade is in awesome party city, but you probably wouldnt go to bucharest and then belgrade. Bulgaria is meant to be awesome, I only saw Sofia on the way to Istanbul last time, but im going back out this summer to spend some time there. I dont know where to recommend since i dont know how much time youll have/what sort of thing youre after, and I dont have my guide book with me at uni and cant for the life of me remember any of the place names!

We went Budapest --> Belgrade --> Sofia --> Istanbul, and it was great (especially Istanbul!) Just be prepared for sloow trains and loong delays, but cheap cheap suppliments if your after them. Sofia --> Belgrade in a three berth sleeper (not couchette) was less than a tenner.

admin @ 29-04-2008 22:13


I recommend going from Lyon to the Swiss Alps at Grindelwald. Go to Interlaken Ost and then take the train up to Grindelwald. The hostel is amzing and directly opposite the north face of the Eiger, only a few miles away. You'll never forget it. From there you can go up to Munich; probably via Zurich.

You can research all the trains for your trip here:

Hope this is some help. Have a great one.


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