Interrail: reserving trains

phyla @ 12-06-2008 22:01

Hi there,
I am going travelling in Europe with my friend beginning on the 23rd of June. We are starting in Rome, and then travelling to Venice, Prague, Paris and Amsterdam. I have been looking up train times for our journeys in advance, and many of the connections state that they are subject to 'compulsary reservation'. How do I reserve a place on the train? I'm so confused, as the route planner websites only seem to allow me to buy tickets, which I don't want to do obviously, as I have an interrail ticket. Help!

Pete @ 13-06-2008 06:44

you can try to buy reservations via ... just select City to City tickets.
select your destination and then chose Only seat reservation or I have a railpass.
if you there aren't reservations available, you can try it at a station (the cheapest way is to do it in the same country where your train leaves).

phyla @ 16-06-2008 20:09

Thanks for the advice! I have managed to reserve some of the trains, but others asked me to put in a request for a reservation, which I have done. I paid and printed a receipt however I have not yet heard anything. I expected to receive an email confirmation, and then some more information about the reservations I requested (which said they would take only 24hrs to be processed) but so far I have heard nothing. I placed the order on Saturday. Is this normal? Should I be worried? What exactly will happen to the reservations I have requested?

Pete @ 17-06-2008 06:47

hej ... normally you will get an answer today... as Saturday and Sunday are not working days... so you have to calculate Monday + 24 hours ... 🙂
keep me informed ...! 🙂

phyla @ 18-06-2008 11:51

I have recieved a reply, and have sucessfully booked all my reservations. Thanks for all your help!

phyla @ 21-06-2008 15:26

Ok, I received an email stating the prices for reserving certain trains which I had to request, and telling me to email them confirming that I want to book those tickets. I did so on Wednesday, but I have not heard anything back yet and the tickets have not arrived in the post. What has happened? I'm leaving on Monday, what is the procedure if the tickets do not arrive before I leave? Help! I'm seriously panicking now.

phyla @ 22-06-2008 16:39

Please please can someone help me. I am leaving tomorrow and have still had no further replies from the country. I will be in serious trouble if the tickets do not arrive in time. I am also unable to find a proper contact address on the website! Help!

Pete @ 22-06-2008 17:20

I send you a mail ... 🙂

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