Interrail: recommended cities

sophie123 @ 23-09-2008 21:25

my friend and i are planning on going interrailing next june and need to plan our route, we would like if poss to start/end at rome/dubrovnik... and we want to do a 30 day pass with a few days on each end in rome/dubrovnik... are there any places that people would recommend?? cities?? other places... we want to do as much as possible in the time but also venture out of the cities and go to beaches, countryside etc.
any advice??? 🙂

sam188 @ 23-09-2008 22:41

hey sophie..
i'd definitely recommend Lake Bohinj (rather than Bled) in Slovenia, its amazingly beautiful. Ljubljana is also nice, as are Budapest, Rome, Krakow and Berlin...(but make sure you're in Berlin on a friday or saturday for nightlife, nothing good opens in the week)
If you can get to Croatia, an option is to get to Ploce for easy ferry connections to Korcula Island- a bit like Hvar but less pricey/touristy, cheap camping, amazing scenery etc..

sophie123 @ 24-09-2008 20:21

aaah brilliant, thank you!! Lake Bohinj looks really lovely actually... we were also planning on visiting zell am see in austria...
any ideas on slightly further east?? slovakia etc?

sam188 @ 24-09-2008 22:56

I can't really comment on Bratislava or Slovakia at all for that matter except Bratislava train station...few people we met said it was ok for a night but nothing amazing there...
i'd definitely recommend Bosnia (sarajevo and Mostar are both easily linked)- it makes for an interesting few days. the bus or train between the two is amazing and worth doing just for the scenery! Mostar is really cool and same with sarajevo really-great nightlife, loads of places to explore if not full of 'sights' (the place where franz ferdinand was shot simply has a small, single roomed museum roughly where it happened). it's got a great vibe and we met some really great people there.
further east..not sure really, Sofia is ugly and I didn't enjoy my time there, while Bucharest is nice but it's a looong way really, depends what you want to do.
but yeah fantastic cities are those like Krakow, Budapest, Berlin, Rome and Sarajevo- you'll have a great time in all those- it's good to mix a bit of countryside in as well and Slovenia is really easy to get to etc if you've only got 30 days!
in Bohinj i think I stayed at a campsite called Zlatorog- there's another but its in a rubbish place in Bohinj Bistrica- don't stay there! Zlatorog isn't exactly bargain cheap but its in such an amazing position- you'll need some kind of roll mat though as just stones! how old are you guys?

sophie123 @ 25-09-2008 15:49

errm well we're not really planning on camping as we cant be bothered to bring tents etc... but thanks for the recommendation!! we will defo look into the places you said, thanks for that. we're 18. yeeeah im thinking now that sofia etc are a bit too far away, we'll probs just stick to croatia, slovenia etc.

sam188 @ 25-09-2008 16:54

awesome, same, you'll have a great time.
it's also worth seeing how much point to point train tickets are before just buying a railpass- can be more expensive especially east, and in balkans buses go everywhere for cheap...
hit up Dokk Club in Budapest when you're there if a saturday..incredible.

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