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frikusha @ 13-10-2006 10:17

next summer i'm planning to travel through portugal for 14 days..
which zone should i choose and how much does it cost?

any information is useful 🙂

p.s. i'm from croatia 🙂

starsailor @ 13-10-2006 10:57

hello! i am from Portugal 🙂
you should visit Porto..Coimbra,Gêres,Óbidos, Lisbon, Cascais and Estoril...Évora...
it depends ir u prefer citys or village areas....
if u prefer village areas you have a lot of things to see here, specialy in the interior area and north...
any question just ask

starsailor @ 13-10-2006 10:58

i forgot these
you have also beaches in the Costa Vicentina and Agarve*

frikusha @ 13-10-2006 14:49

tnx 🙂
i want to see whole portugal in 2 weeks (if that's possible) so i bet i'll visit all those places you've mentioned 😉
it's just that i don't know how much money do i need for traveling from zagreb to lisboa and so on.. (?)

starsailor @ 13-10-2006 20:58

hi there again..i forgot about SINTRA..its very beautiful there u can spend the all day there cause its very nice...its not far from lisbon..about 25minutes by train 🙂 any questions about transportation, citys, just ask 🙂
here things are not very expensive, i think are + - like in croatia i dont know... 🙂
good luck here...
try the english versions in the site..the last one is for places to sleep here,the other sites are about places
u can come by airplane 🙂 i dont know the prices..try a cheap company operating here
i will visit croatia next summer 🙂 dubrovnik, plitvice and maybe split..*beautiful country u have*kiss

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