Interrail - Portugal - Madrid - Paris - Amsterdam - Berlin

andreia @ 23-02-2009 09:35

i´m new in all this, but i´m starting to prepare my interrail ! 🤣 and i would like to know your advises and experiences. i´ve read lots of websites but is never enough :P i have a doubt: i´m thinking about doing this trajectory: i live in portugal- maybe stop in madrid- paris-amesterdao-berlim(LOVE PARADE!)-instambul-atenas-veneza;roma- and return to portugal. i would like to visit all those places but i think i won´t have enough time to see everything and i will be running everytime. what do you advise me? to visit a little of every country or to visit less countries and explore them better?
thanks, andreia

Pete @ 23-02-2009 14:25

it is a big route... but you can do it when using night trains to save time:
maybe a good solution is to just start and then see during the route if it is too much. do not plan to much... feel free... and just do whatever you want... 🙂

andreia @ 24-02-2009 15:52

yes , you´re right... 🙂 other question: what do you think about couch surfing? i think it´s a good way to save money and meet people and ways of life... but it´s also a little dangerous...

Pete @ 24-02-2009 16:43

the next days I will place a new system here on railcc with which you can also search proofed and real persons where to stay:
but yes, you have always a risk ... on some couchsurfing websites, you can see the reports of other travellers who tell if it was nice or not...

Fonfon @ 26-03-2009 10:48

Ola Andreia.

Também vou fazer um interrail este Verão, gostaria de trocar ideias contigo.
Este é o meu e-mail: xxxxxxx

Now i have to speak in english, this is a english forum!


Pete @ 26-03-2009 11:11

at least I understand a little bit of the Portuguese language... 😉
so ... it is nearly ready to go online, the new system to find travel partners....
and I deleted your email address, as otherwise it will be used for spam - and I am sure you do not want that !!! 🙂
use the mail system of the forum to send messages in which you can give your email address to someone other...

Fonfon @ 26-03-2009 15:32

Ok, fair enough.

I´ll send my email by private message.

Thanks 😉

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