Interrail: Portugal (country of residence) to Madrid

JEMM @ 15-07-2008 10:02


I need some help. I am travelling across Europe this Summer with Interrail. But my country of origin is Portugal and i don't know exactly the best way to get to Madrid. I believe there is a discount for train tickets in Portugal (50%), but i don't know if it applies to the train from Lisbon to Madrid or only in trains inside Portugal. If someone knows the best way to get to the next country please give me a hint.

Another little question. Where can i get information about all night trains?

Thanks for your help

Pete @ 15-07-2008 10:31

Hi Jemm.

you can either use a cheap flight (but not ecological) to leave Portugal (Ryanair or Easyjet) or just have a look at this link:

you can also travel by bus ... it will be the cheaper solution for you as you have to pay the ticket from Lisbon to the Spanish border (with a 50%discount) ... but I even think that you won't get a discount for the whole route - the train has global prices, so you can not say like on a normal train: I travel 200km in Portugal and 600 in Spain, let's calculate it on a ticket.
the bus will be better for you !! 🙂

information about night trains:
- have a look at the different country topics here at the forum . most night trains are listed here
- or have a look at

have fun, Peter 🙂

JEMM @ 15-07-2008 11:30

Thanks for all your help.

I was seeing all those topics you recommended and i had a doubt. Sometimes there are sometimes that they recommend to get a seat reservation. What happens if you don't do that? You simply go to the station and see if there is a seat available?

Pete @ 15-07-2008 13:46

if they say seat reservation recommended, you don't need it when avoiding to travel on a Friday or Sunday evening, or Monday morning (the peak times) ... just jump into the train and let's see ... maybe you have to change your seat during the travel. a seat reservation only means that you have a save seat and more comfort. 🙂

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