Interrail overnight: Amsterdam - Berlin - Krakow

djesa @ 02-09-2008 16:33

Hey, I've been reading a lot on this forum and it really helps..

Right now me and a friend are going on a eurotrip with an interrail pass;


Everything else seems to work out good, but we need help with booking 2 overnight trains;

(overnight train) Amsterdam-Berlin - Sept. 28th (start, past 19.00)
(overnight train) Berlin-Krakow - Oct. 30th (start, past 19.00)

We have looked online and found trains like ICE and CNL that works, but how do we book night-trains? Like with an Interrail pass, how much extra do we have to pay?

The train from London-Paris is already dealt with and the Paris-Amsterdam train we can take any time of the day (on sept. 25/26), so I don't think those will be a problem.

I'm a little lost to booking the two night trains we need though, lots out there and in many languages. Can someone help? Do we have to call by phone or can we do it online?

Thanks in advanced,

Pete @ 02-09-2008 18:39

hi Simon...
in deed, night train bookings are difficult. the best is to buy them at a station in the country the train starts...
for the CNL you can already try it in Paris if you want... but it Amsterdam it will work for sure !! 🙂
you can also book online here at railcc!

if you travel this route by night ICE, it is free - no booking needed as it is like a normal day train - only seats.
for the night train Berlin-Krakow, you can try it in Amsterdam or then when you arrive in Berlin.

sorry for this answer ... as the night train bookings is like I said a big problem to do it online and to get the special Interrail fares.
all the best and a lot of fun, Peter 🙂

djesa @ 02-09-2008 20:38

ah ok, thanks for the help!

So we just book at the train stations say 1 or 2 days before? They don't tend to get sold out or anything? This is the end of september, so I guess the tourist season would be over for most and it wouldnt be a problem. Right?

hp-pt @ 03-09-2008 14:12


I've booked a connection from amsterdam to berlin in a CNL and i just pay €4 here on railcc.

Bonne voyage.


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