InterRail One Country Pass

earthfirst @ 14-01-2009 23:33

Hi all!

Is true that with the Interrail One Country Pass you can make as many rail trips as you want on the days your Pass is valid?
For example: interrail Czech Republic pass, 6 days within 1 month, that means that I can travel in any train in the country for free (except the SuperCity I have to pay a suplement right?) for 6 days or is like Flexi?

And what about the 7 pm rule, do I have to register the next day's date on the ticket if it is a direct night train? only the InterRail Global Pass have that rule or the have it 2?

Last quetsion, do I have a discount like the global pass from my country of residence to a border?

Thank You for your time 🙂 *

Pete @ 15-01-2009 10:15

hej hej ...
you are right:
with an InterRail ONE Country Pass you have the same rules like with an InterRail GLOBAL Pass Flexi.
so you can travel with one day on your one country pass with as much trains as you want between 0001h in the morning and 2359h at night.
the 7 pm rule for night trains is also valid! 🙂
but there is no discount from your country of residence to the country you will travel in with your one country pass.
have fun, Peter 🙂

earthfirst @ 15-01-2009 13:35

Thanks a lot!

Do you now any cheap way to go to Prague?
From Portugal is complicated, I would have to spend a lot of money to go and return...

Pete @ 15-01-2009 18:28

mmmh... maybe you can catch a cheap flight of Ryanair or Easyjet... not ecological at all ... and you always have to pay attention to the extra costs, taxes and so on ... but by train from Portugal to Prague: there is no real cheap solution, except the Interrail pass... maybe a 5 days within 10 Flexi InterRail Pass ... this is cheap !! 🙂

earthfirst @ 15-01-2009 20:49

Well...yes maybe you're right. The 5 days within 10 days is 159€ and I still have the discount to hendaye of 50%.

So...with the 5 days within 10 days pass is like in a period of 10 days I can travel 5 whenever I want, I don't have to travel the whole 5 days in a row? I can travel 1 day then stay for 3 days and then travel again, etc...until I complete the 10 days?

Some confusion about this type of pass. 😐

Thank You again 🙂

Pete @ 15-01-2009 21:01

no problem to ask ! 🙂
you are flexible: when ordering your InterRail Pass 5 days within a period of 10 days, you only give the starting date of the pass. then during the period it is valid, you fill in manually by hand your travel days. they do not need to be in a row. you can travel one day, then stay one day, then ...... and so on ! 🙂
one more good thing: the 1900h rule for night trains is valid:

earthfirst @ 15-01-2009 21:46

Great! :P

Yes, the rule.

If I wanted to go to france, I would have to catch the sud-express to hendaye, that trip to have the discount I have to do it on the first day of validity of the pass or can I do it a day before?

And if it is on the first day of the pass is valid the trip from lisbon to hendaye counts as 1 day? And from hendaye to paris another one...

Thanks *

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